Festive Javanais

Hi guys! One of my absolute favorite things is Javanais. If you would present me a plate of lovely patisserie and there is a Javanais amongst them, I'd definitely pick him. Over and over again. Even is you ask me day after day. It's my all-time favorite! This Christmas won't be all about typical Christmas... Continue Reading →

Homemade Marzipan Potatoes

Hi guys! Santa is coming... I was so busy planning for Christmas I almost forgot my favorite part of St. Nicholas: Marzipan! How could I forget? Sure, my Christmas Desserts are important. As is the wrapping paper that matches the bows I bought. But I do want to take a day or two off to... Continue Reading →

Homemade Sprits Cookies

Hi guys Many of you have been watching GBBO. It has been in The Netherlands for 5 years now (Heel Holland Bakt) and Belgium has finally joined the hype with Bake-Off Vlaanderen. I have seen many yummy recipes I'd like to try sometimes but 1 couldn't be postponed: Sprits Cookies! It is one of my... Continue Reading →

Homemade Christmas Speculoos Cookies

Hi guys! We're getting closer and closer to Christmas and I promised you some Christmas recipes. This Homemade Speculoos recipe might be one of the best cookie recipes I've ever made. It's the family recipe from my boyfriend. Now you know what they say, right? Whatever she makes, a grandma makes best! It's the absolute... Continue Reading →

Homemade Cretan Herbal Ice Tea

Hi guys! I'm back after a great holiday in Crete last week. We've seen some beautiful things and ate some very yummy foods (think Moussaka, Souvlaki and seafood) 🙂 Our hotel had a pool bar where a very good cocktails were served. And also a Cretan Herbal Ice Tea. I asked the ingredients because I... Continue Reading →

Tiramisu Ice Cream: The best thing ever!

Hi guys! I think we all know those moments where friends and family come to visit and you want to offer them something delicious, but you didn't know they were coming so you didn't have time to prepare some treats. Wow, what a sentence... Anyways, we all know that, right? Well, stop whatever the hell... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Cheesecake Bites

Hi guys! Dessert comes in all possible sizes. These Raspberry Cheesecake Bites might be the smallest ones I've ever made. But small desserts can be as yummy as large ones. In fact, these little cuties are like a kiss from an angel. Heaven on your tongue. Especially if you cover them in chocolate. Yummmm. These... Continue Reading →

Apple Cinnamon & Honey Cake

Hi guys! I know the combination of apple and cinnamon does make us think of Autumn. But I don't really care. I just love apples and cinnamon and I can eat it in any season I want. Right? 🙂 Or is it really not done to make these kind of recipes in Summer? Anyway, the... Continue Reading →

Belgian Red Devils Cupcakes

Hi guys! Okay, Belgium didn't play very well last game against Italy. Let's admit it: it was painful to watch. I know they tried, but they just weren't good enough. Our Belgian Red Devils need to step up their game and I'm convinced these Belgian Red Devils Cupcakes will help them win tomorrow! I shared... Continue Reading →

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