The perfect Summer Birthday Cake!

Hi guys! Today is The Boyfriends birthday! I thought this would make the perfect occasion to share this perfect Summer Birthday Cake with you guys. In fact this one is a true classic when it comes to Birthday Cakes. At least where I live 🙂 A very light and spongy cake, lots of whipped cream... Continue Reading →

Belgian Flag Cake

Hi guys! It is the first day of UEFA EURO 2016. Belgium will play its first game next Monday against Italy. Will we win? I hope so 🙂 Last year, this was my cake for the 21st of July. But I thought it would be great to celebrate our Belgian Red Devils as well so... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Brownies

Hi guys! Today seemed like the perfect day for some fresh raspberries. And what else could be more perfect to go with it than some dark chocolate? I say: Nothing. If you know me, you'd already know what I've been making today 😉 I've made Raspberry Brownies! As always, very easy to make! What do... Continue Reading →

21st of July Flag Cake

Hi guys! Today is the 21st of July! It is the National Holiday of Belgium. I wasn't all that festive last year with this Summer Pasta, but this year I go all caloribombing all over again! Woohoo! The National Holiday of Belgium... What better way to celebrate than with a Flag Cake! I've seen some... Continue Reading →

Tropical Fruit Salad

Hi guys! No, I know it's not Summer yet. And I don't want it to be Summer either! Because you know how much I love Christmas! But we all know how a cozy Christmas evening with friends and family goes... We EAT! A. Lot. So I thought a little bit of fruit wouldn't hurt. And... Continue Reading →

Biscuit for Birthdays!

Hi guys! Today, I want to share a funny story with you. What the story is about? My first attempt to make a biscuit... A biscuit is a typical birthday treat! So I wanted to make one for one of our birthday parties. I opened my cookbook and thought "this seems easy". Well, I could... Continue Reading →

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