Easy & delicious Pear Cake

Hi guys! I've always been a fan of Apple Cake. Even the storebought ones my grandma used to present us at parties. I guess I just love the simplicity of the cake and that moist texture, thanks to the apples. Apple cake, apple cake with speculoos, ... I've made many varieties on this family classic.... Continue Reading →

Easy & delicious Butter Cookies

Hi guys! As we're approaching December, many people have begun their Christmas preppings. I won't make any real Christmas recipes until the first of December, but these yummy Butter Cookies might be part of our Christmas celebration. They are easy to make, delicious with a cup of coffee or tea and perfect for royal icing... Continue Reading →

Easy Speculoos Cheesecake with Dr. Oetker

Hi guys! September means "Back To School". The little ones are probably already looking forward to Christmas and the oldest ones may haven't yet begun their new school year. But one thing is for sure: everyone is getting busy again. Including mom and dad. Planning after school activities, who's going to bring them to school?... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Merengue

Hi guys! Do you know that sudden need to bake something? I haven't been baking much lately and I really really REALLY needed to bake something yesterday! But, as always when you get that sudden need, the stores were closed of course... I didn't have any butter left in my fridge. (Yes, that is indeed... Continue Reading →

Tropical Fruit Salad

Hi guys! No, I know it's not Summer yet. And I don't want it to be Summer either! Because you know how much I love Christmas! But we all know how a cozy Christmas evening with friends and family goes... We EAT! A. Lot. So I thought a little bit of fruit wouldn't hurt. And... Continue Reading →

Easy peasy Chocolate Cake

Hi guys! Last week, I shared my very easy Vanilla Cake with you. Now I'm bringing you this very easy Chocolate Cake! It is such a delicious cake! I think this is a great cake for afternoon tea or when you're suddenly havinf friends coming over to your place. Easy, fast and just a few... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Merengues

Hey Hey Heeey 🙂 This might be the easiest recipe I've ever tried. Really, it CAN NOT fail. My mother loves merengues very much. We had a family dinner and she asked for something light. (My chocolate cake can be very heavy...) So I immediately thought about merengues. I knew I had some raspberries left,... Continue Reading →

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