Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Hi guys! It's official. Fall is here. Some may say Summer didn't last long this year, others may even say we didn't even have a Summer this year. I disagree. I've enjoyed Summer, I've sat in the sun and I even got burned from it. So yes, we did have a Summer. But that's over... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Pie

Hi guys! I love strawberries. And I - obviously - love pie... So today's recipe definitely is one of my favorite things: Strawberry Pie! Super easy and super loved by almost everyone 🙂 Looking for a dessert to please your crowd on a Friday or Sunday afternoon? This is your match! What we need: Crust... Continue Reading →

Traditional Apple Pie

Hi guys! It's getting colder, darker, wetter and a little bit more cosy inside. I've even busted myself at thinking about Christmas already... Can you blame me? 😉 I love apples. And I love Apple Pie even more! I bet you do too. I've always wanted to make a gorgeous traditional Apple Pie. You know, the... Continue Reading →

Twelfth-night Pie (Driekoningentaart)

Hi guys! Do you know what day it is today? Exactly! It's the Twelfth-night or Driekoningen! I don't know if you guys celebrate this day but we, Belgians, do 😀 Children go door to door to sing and hopefully get some candy! (At least I always wanted candy as a kid. Nowadays kids want money... Continue Reading →

Kiwi Pie

Hi guys! Remember what I told you about fruit pies? Today I want to bring you another one: Kiwi Pie! I made mini versions 🙂 I'm taking them to my friends at Fiesta Friday. And I'm also taking them to Foodie Fridays! So excited to join a new link party! Maybe I'll see you there?... Continue Reading →

Banana Cream Pie

Hi guys! Just like Minions do I like bananas. I also often go bananas 😉 Why is it that we like fruit pies so much? Is it because our brain tells us it's not THAT bad for us because there's fruit in it? I know my brain thinks like that... I can promise you this:... Continue Reading →

Lojola: My favourite place in Antwerp

Hi guys! Last Friday, I took my best friend to Lojola. Lojola is my favourite place in Antwerp, Belgium! A friend introduced it to me and it was love at first sight! It is the best coffee & cake store ever! Not only does Jolien (the owner) make fresh cakes and pies and other delicious... Continue Reading →

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