Ken jij de 3 finalisten van Tarte à Moi al?

Hey Zoetebek! Goed nieuws: er is weer wat lekkers in de winkel! Tarte à Moi, een Belgisch bedrijf dat de winkelrekken met lekker gebak vult, heeft een wedstrijd gedaan. Je mocht een eigen creatie insturen en daaruit werden dan 3 finalisten gekozen. De prijs? Een plekje in het assortiment van Tarte à Moi! Ik mocht... Continue Reading →

Stroopwafel Brownies

Hey Zoetebek! Vandaag combineer ik twee grote liefdes: stroopwafels en Brownies! Als ik een absolute favoriet moet kiezen, kies ik Brownies. Waarschijnlijk omdat er chocolade aan te pas komt 😉 Maar je kan mij ook super gelukkig maken met een stroopwafel (of vier). In mijn hoofd leek het een goede combinatie: karamel & chocolade. En... Continue Reading →

Candy Cane Brownies

Ik ben zo verschrikkelijk blij dat mijn keuken weer in de kerstsfeer is. Kerst is mijn absolute favoriete periode (yup, it's more than just 1 day). Mijn eerste kerstdessert zit vol chocolade en is super simpel: Candy Cane Brownies!

Mummy Brownies for Halloween

Hi guys! I haven't been abducted by ghosts or black cats. I was busy trying some Halloween recipes for you! And I kinda took a week off. Sometimes you just need to go offline for a while. Get in touch with that inner you or catch up with some friends. Or series in my case...... Continue Reading →

March Favorites 2017

Hi guys! I hope you had a wonderful Easter with lots of Easter eggs and above all a lot of fun 🙂 I should have shared my March Favorites in the beginning of April but Easter came first. I hope you guys don't mind 😉 Let's not waist any more time and go to the... Continue Reading →

Easter Brownies

Hi guys! Happy Easter! If you still don't have a yummy Easter recipe for tonight, or if you just want to bake some more, I've got 1 final recipe for you. Super easy and super quick to make! Yay! You probably figured out my love for Brownies by now. So obviously I had to create... Continue Reading →

Hazelnut Brownies

Hi guys! Last week, I made some Brownies for my colleagues at work. One of them asked me if I had ever made them with nuts since he likes it so much. Negative. I have never ever made anything with nuts before. Except for almond flour but that doesn't count. So, nuts huh? Challenge accepted!... Continue Reading →

Ben & Jerry’s: The story behind the delicious ice cream

Hi guys! A while ago, I went to an event from Ben & Jerry's in Brussels. I had my very first Ben & Jerry's ice cream and was immediately sold. I was such a fan of the famous Cookie Dough that I made these Cookie Dough Brownies, inspired by the ice cream. Since that night,... Continue Reading →

Your 9 Sarah’s Little Kitchen Favorites

Hi guys! Sadly, Christmas is over. You're probably just getting over that indigestion, aren't you :p Hurry up because New Year is right around the corner! And that mostly means: more eating & drinking! Hooray! Since 2015 is almost at its end, I thought it'd be a good time to share with you your 9 favorite... Continue Reading →

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