Banoffee Cupcakes

Hi guys! I have to admit something. I LOVE Banoffee. I've been dreaming of Banoffee things for a while. Did you guys see my Banoffee Pie back in 2014? Oh my, is it that old already?! I really didn't think my dearest Banoffee and I were separated for that long... Good thing I made you... Continue Reading →

Stephane’s Funky Jar – Banana Cotta: Banoffee 2.0

Hi guys! This delicious treat is a creation from The Boyfriend. I wanted to make a variation on my favorite pie, the Banoffee Pie, and he joined me in the kitchen to make something really yummy. It's simple, yet elegant and oh so delicious! Oh, you're wondering why part of this recipe is called "Stephane's Funky... Continue Reading →

Baked Banana & Cinnamon French Toast

Hi guys! I hope you all enjoyed last weekend. Did you have a brunch on Sunday? I personally LOVE brunches! It makes me happy 🙂 Well, eating in general does but brunches are so much fun! The best part about brunches is the fact that you can eat sweet for breakfast! I know lots of... Continue Reading →

Lactosefree Chocolate Banana Pudding Cake

Hi guys! I've been busy thinking about recipes to make for the Imperial Lactose Free Baking game! It was difficult, I had a total mindfuck xD Why it was so hard to find something? Because it had to be 100% lactose free and it had to contain pudding. I didn't know what to do, what... Continue Reading →

Chunky Monkey Brownies

Hi guys! Apparently, I'm having a Brownies period xD But you can never have too many Brownies, right? Today is a very special Brownie-day. Why? Because I've made Chunky Monkey Brownies! Some of you might have heard about 'Chunky Monkey' before... It is namely a flavour of Ben & Jerry's! Not that I have ever tasted... Continue Reading →

This Smoothie is saying: Summer

Hi guys! The sun is shining, everybody is so happy and the temperature just calls for sandals! What do you do? You drink smoothies! Or even better: you MAKE one! I became a real Smoothie-addict. I have always loved Smoothies but nowadays I think I drink almost a Smoothie a day. Okay, not always homemade... Continue Reading →

Banana Cream Pie

Hi guys! Just like Minions do I like bananas. I also often go bananas 😉 Why is it that we like fruit pies so much? Is it because our brain tells us it's not THAT bad for us because there's fruit in it? I know my brain thinks like that... I can promise you this:... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #26: Banoffee Pie

Hi guys! HERE.IT.IS! The famous - and oh so caloribombing - Banoffee Pie! I promised you in my post about Lojola that I would bring an English version of the recipe... So I did 🙂 And I'm bringing it to this weeks Fiesta Friday! It is creamy, it is banana, it is delicious! If you... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Hi guys! I had some raspberries left from my Cheesecake... So I decided to make a smoothie! I love smoothies... This smoothie is a little bit bitter but I like it 🙂 I used the raspberries that I had left (a little bowl full) and two bananas. Then I squized some oranges. Put it all... Continue Reading →

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