December Favorites & a question for you

Hi guys! Is the 19th of January still a time to post December favorites? Absolutely! Yes, I usually post them the first blogging day of the new month buuuuuut I went skiing so that wasn't really possible :p Now you also know why I 'dissapeared' for a while. I know lots of you keep blogging... Lees verder →


November Favorites – Christmas Edition

Hi guys! It's December!!! I lost track of how many times I've either said or thought that... But I'm just so excited! December really is the most wonderful time to me. Happy times and lovely time with family and friends. It's such a great time! I don't even mind the cold. Snuggle together with a... Lees verder →

August Favorites

Hi guys! It is official: Summer is over! It's the 1st of September and all the kiddos had to go to school again. I bet lots of the parents are relieved their kids can go back to school :p There will be kids who loved going back and there will be some who cried... One... Lees verder →

Favourite Instagrammers

Hi guys! Let's do something different today 🙂 It's Friday (finally) and the app I use most on Friday is Instagram! I just love to watch some television while scrolling down my Instagram feed. I love all those beautiful pictures from all those accounts I follow. I could Intagram for hours! Some people would call... Lees verder →

July Favourites

Hi guys! It's that time of the month again... That's right! It's time for our monthly favourites! Yippiiii! This time, the Monthly Favourite will be a little bit different. There were soooooo many awesome recipes and gorgeous pictures that I couldn't just pick 5! Therefore, this July Favourite will have 9(!) favourites! 😀 I hope... Lees verder →

June Favourites

Hi guys! June has been thrown out of the window! That means it's time to wrap it all up and make a new Favourites post! Yay 😀 As usual, it was hard to pick five favourites! I am still amazed by all the things I've seen, every single month 🙂 June was a month full... Lees verder →

May Favourites

Hi guys! Another Favourites already? Yes my friends! It's already June and I finally sticked with my schedule so now I'm right on time with this one 😀 It's for the first time that this Favourites series had two recipes from the same blog. I always try to avoid that but I just couldn't choose... Lees verder →

April Favourites

Hi guys! It is time for the April Favourites! I almost had to hurry since it's almost June... And therefore almost time for our May Favourites! But it's still May so I'm not too late with these 5 delicious recipes! Let's reveil my favourites! (as always, in random order) #1: Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes with Nutella frosting... Lees verder →

March Favourites

Hi guys! March, oh March. It brought us some amazing and super delicious recipes. I've bookmarked every single one of the following favourites! They look, sound and, obviously, taste so good I couldn't ignore them. I HAVE to try this at home! Are you guys ready for my March Favourites? As always, in random order... Lees verder →

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