November Favorites

Hi guys!

It’s finally December… You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting it to be December. Ever since my birthday passed by I guess. That was in March xD Our Christmas tree is up, lights installed and cute filt snowflake and reindeer decorations all over the place. Candles in star or tree shapes, snow flake decorations on the window and a singing Christmas dog. I LOVE it!
I know Christmas is actually all about Christ but this is the one holiday I really don’t mind is so commercial.
Oh, I love buying my family and friends gifts too! Deciding on what to give them, wrapping it myself (of course) and then enjoying those smiling faces🙂 After that, I give them a complete sweets overload.
If I had an endless budget to host a Christmas party for my friends or family, I swear they’s have enough Christmas spirit for the next five years xD It would be too much. I know it would be.

BUT that’s still a few weeks away, unfortunately.

To cheer you up, I’m bringing you my November Favorites!

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A family classic: Apple Cake

Hi guys!

Earlier this week, Dr.Oetker hosted another wonderful event with a cooking demo by pastry chef Sven Coryn and a bake-off between bloggers. The theme? Family recipes. So I brought my Dad🙂 Together, we made some yummy little Apple Cakes with real star quality😉


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Marshmallow Brownies

Hi guys!

I’m so happy to be back in my kitchen and back here with you guys. I knew I loved baking and blogging, but I honestly didn’t know I’d feel such an urge for it when unable to do so. I had a little injury on my wrist, making it quite impossible for me to write, let alone bake something. But that’s over now and I’m back with a BAM if I may say so myself😉


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Easy & delicious Butter Cookies

Hi guys!

As we’re approaching December, many people have begun their Christmas preppings. I won’t make any real Christmas recipes until the first of December, but these yummy Butter Cookies might be part of our Christmas celebration.

They are easy to make, delicious with a cup of coffee or tea and perfect for royal icing decorations! I’m still practicing my cookie decorating skills so I won’t be able to show you awesome looking cookies. But I can show you the cookies themselves, which are the true stars in this show😉



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Hi guys!

There’s a new kid in town! Forget about Hello Fresh and other groceries delivery services. FLAVR does it better. They have a community of hobby chefs who cook just for you! All you need to do is find a dish you like in your neighbourhood, order and go pick it up. How cool is that?!

Lucky for me, my collegue Tinne is member of FLAVR and she was happy to let me taste test her yummy dish to get to know FLAVR🙂

The idea behind FLAVR: “FLAVR goes back to the roots of the authentic, home-cooked meal through a unique food-sharing platform. We enable everyone to order and provide meals among each other.”


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Speculoos Cookies

Hi guys!

I loved these Speculoos Cookies so much I thought a throwback to last year wouldn’t hurt😉

Crispy on the sides and chewy in the middle. YUM!

Sarah's Little Kitchen

Hi guys!

I’ve had one of those baking cravings🙂 You know, those moments when you just HAVE to bake something!

It was Sunday, I had just cleaned the whole house (yes, including the kitchen, which wasn’t that smart I suppose) and the Boyfriend turned on the television for some football. I didn’t know what to do! :O
I still have lots of great books I could read. I’m reading the third book from the Game of Thrones series at the moment (meaning: sometimes before I go to bed). But I didn’t want to read. I wanted to bake! But what?

That’s always the tricky part. I now I want to bake, I HAVE to, but I never know what recipe to make… And I know, those 34 cook books in the closet should make things easy for me but no, they don’t. I never know what recipe to make…

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Apple Bread Pudding

Hi guys!

My number one to go for treat at the bakery used to be Bread Pudding. My Dad always got us a piece and even my grandmom made sure there was some Bread Pudding when I came over. We just love it! I tried it myself once and it was pretty good. Not really like our bakery makes it, but it was good.

A couple of days ago, I came across this yummy recipe from Stephanie (Somewhat Simple) for Apple Bread Pudding. Such a great seasonal twist on my favorite bakery treat!


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October Favorites

Hi guys!

I hope you guys had a fun and slightly spooky Halloween🙂
In case you don’t really want it to be over yet, I’ve got some great news for you: this October favorites is filled with Halloween recipes! Well, not all of them are but still🙂 And of course, October was Halloween prepping month so there had to be a few of them in my favorites list, right😉

#1: Halloween Funfetti Donuts


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Spiderweb Pumpkin Cheesecake for Halloween

Hi guys!

We’ve had Halloween Cupcakes and Cookies. Now it’s time for a Halloween Cheesecake! What seasonal veggie could be better to play the lead in today’s Halloween recipe than pumpkin? None I tell you🙂

Pumpkins always remind me of October and of Halloween. Always. So of course one of my Halloween recipes had to feature pumpkins. I mean, come on. Pumpkins are veggies that can’t be ignored or they’ll turn ugly, agressive and mean. Oh wait, that’s my neighbour’s fabulous carved out pumpkin I’m describing… Anyways, it’s pumpkin recipe time today!


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Chocolate Chip Vampire Cookies for Halloween

Hi guys!

Do you know the story about that cute, little nerdy Cookie that went bad? No? Let me tell you.

Nerdy Nummies Smart Cookie

Once upon a Halloween night, Nerdy Cookie felt bored. He thought a walk outside might make him feel better. But he was too afraid to go outside on Halloween, so instead, he grabbed some sweets, installed himelf on the couch and chose a funny movie to watch. Little did he know that eating vampire teeth on Halloween would have a very different outcome than a little bit of a stomach-ache. Continue reading