Oreo Truffles

Hi guys! The holidays are over and people are starting their resolutions. Most popular ones are still 'losing weight' and 'starting to do some sports'. Not for me, I didn't make any new year's resolutions. I would end up dissapointing myself anyway. Negative thought, I know. But I'm trying to live life day by day.... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Oreo Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Hi guys! Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time with family, friends, furry pets and lots of delicious food! To get you in the Christmas mood => a mouthfull yummy Oreo Cupcake with a merengue Christmas tree on top! Bam! These Chocolate Oreo Christmas Tree Cupcakes are very easy to make and will... Continue Reading →

Oreo Crown Pavlova for Belgiums National Holiday

Hi guys! It's the 21st of July today which is Belgiums National Holiday! Hooray! I've been thinking long and hard about what to make because I don't want to make the same things year after year. I've made a Belgian Flag Cake and some Brussels Waffles before. This year won't necessarilly be about the colours... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Cheesecake

Hi guys! I'm sharing a fantastic dessert from The Boyfriend today. On Wednesday, I tried to make a Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake. I failed. Massively. The Boyfriend felt so bad for me, he made this divine Chocolate Cheesecake! That's what I call true love. Especially because The Boyfriend has nothing with desserts. He did it just... Continue Reading →

3 Fabulous No Bake Cheesecake Recipes to celebrate Summer

Hi guys! It's official! Summer is here 😀 We've been waiting for her ever since Winter left the country (did she?) and now she's here to stay. She has been paying us surprise visits on the weekends but I hope she has a lot planned for us this year. To celebrate Summer, I have three... Continue Reading →

Oreo Cream Puffs

Hi guys! Before reading on, you must know this is by far THE.BEST.RECIPE.EVER! 😮 No kidding! These Oreo Cream Puffs are so delicious you will wonder how you've been able to live without them all your life. I mean it. I do. You probably know how I usually don't like the 'instant' baking products such... Continue Reading →

Homemade Oreo Ice Cream without ice maker!

Hi guys! You know how much I LOVE Oreo's. So when my blogging friend Myriam told me she had this awesome Oreo Coffee Ice Cream recipe, without ice maker, I just had to try it! (yes, I took out the coffee) If it wasn't to share with you guys, it was to make and eat... Continue Reading →

Easter Oreo Cupcakes

Hi guys! I told you I'm in my Cupcake period, right 🙂 These Oreo Cupcakes are so good, you'll want it before, during and after Easter 😉 The best part of this Cupcake probably is the Oreo/Milka chocolate egg on top. It's soooo good! What we need: Cupcakes 85 g self-raising flour 15 g cocoa... Continue Reading →

No Bake Strawberry Chocolate Tart

Hi guys! The recipe I've got for you today is not just good. It's awesome! Delicious and a little bit decadent. Just the way we like it 😉 Oh and super easy too! I was scrolling up and down Pinterest because I really really wanted to bake make something. You know that feeling? I only... Continue Reading →

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