Ken jij de 3 finalisten van Tarte à Moi al?

Hey Zoetebek! Goed nieuws: er is weer wat lekkers in de winkel! Tarte à Moi, een Belgisch bedrijf dat de winkelrekken met lekker gebak vult, heeft een wedstrijd gedaan. Je mocht een eigen creatie insturen en daaruit werden dan 3 finalisten gekozen. De prijs? Een plekje in het assortiment van Tarte à Moi! Ik mocht... Continue Reading →

November Favorites

Hi guys! It's here! It's here! It's here! December is finally here! I'm so happy because now the Christmas season is officially opened! In Belgium we first have Sinterklaas on the 6th of December so I'll have to wait until then to get started with the Christmas decorations. I can barely keep myself together... I'm sure... Continue Reading →

August Favorites

Hi guys! It’s the 1st of September. Many of you have seen your kids go to school again. Some may have cried, others may have jumped in the air because now they’ll finally get some rest. I just went to work today. It’s funny, the 1st of September lost its meaning when I went to... Continue Reading →

No-Bake Tiramisu Cheesecake

Hi guys! I'm a fan of Tiramisu. It used to be different: I don't drink coffee, so I always assumed I'd hate Tiramisu since it has coffee in it... Silly, I know. But my eyes opened in time to learn to love this yummy Italian treat. Many people say it's their favorite dessert and I... Continue Reading →

May & June Favorites 2017

Hi guys! I've been so busy lately, I completely forgot about my favorites in May! *slaps her head* So this edition will be a compilation of May and June Favorites. Because they're all worth seeing so I couldn't leave them out. As always, the favorites are listed in a random order. Are you guys ready... Continue Reading →

Apple Crumble on the BBQ

Hi guys! I had the honor to be invited to Elckerlijc, the restaurant of Peter De Clerq, last night. For those of you who don't know him, he's the BBQ Master of Belgium 😉 I thank him, Braun and Lewis PR for the wonderful evening they had planned for us. Knowing Peter is the King... Continue Reading →

Vanilla Rice Pudding ~ Vanille Rijstpap

Hi guys! I've got a real classic for you today: Vanilla Rice Pudding, or as we call it in Dutch, rijstpap. It is by far my grandpa's favorite dessert. I came across this creamy recipe from Koken op Hakken and I knew I just had to make it. I bet my grandpa will be stoked... Continue Reading →

January Favorites

Hi guys! It feels as if time is going by waaaaay to fast this year. I almost can't believe it's February. My birthday (the end of March) is suddenly getting really close xD Don't worry, I know what I want to make for my birthday. I may have to take a day off to make... Continue Reading →

August Favorites

Hi guys! Another month passed by... Which means I have 5 new awesome dishes to share with you from fellow food bloggers! Yay! September always feels like the month of change. You know, new chances at school. Maybe changing school? Changing your classes? I used to look forward to September. Learning new things, seeing my... Continue Reading →

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