A special tribute to our beloved Selma

Hi guys! As many of you know, our beloved Selma has lost her fight against cancer. She was a wonderful person with wonderful posts. She will be missed! I will post the link to the special Fiesta Friday, in honor of her, hosted by Angie. Please check it out and enjoy the recipes the bloggers... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #35: Apple & Cinnamon Muffins

Hi guys! It's party time! What better to celebrate it with than with these Apple & Cinnamon Muffins?! What I really like about these Muffins? The fact that your kitchen smells great, the whole time! (due to the cinnamon, of course) My Dad even thought I had already baked the Muffins when he entered the... Continue Reading →

Perfect Party Waffles

Hi guys! Long time no see, right? It is going to be such a busy busy year for me! It's my last year of school and I don't think I should tell you what that means in case of baking... But I'm trying to create some time for my favourite thing 😉 Today I want... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #30: Veggie Quiche! Or not?

Hi guys! It's Fiesta Friday again at our lovely Angie's place! 😀 Are you guys excited? Because I know I am! This week, I want to bring you my latest quiche. A veggie one! Or maybe not so much... The recipe made a veggie one. But hey, it's still me! So yeah, I couldn't resist adding... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #29: BBQ with the neighbours

Hi guys!Last weekend, we had our annual BBQ with the neighbours. We (the street) try to do this every year. I believe it all started as a way to stay in touch with the neighbours and to become a bit more than "just" neighbours. I have to say we're pretty close with most of our... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #28: Rice Dish with Chicken

Hi guys! I'm sorry for missing Fiesta Friday last week. I had such a busy day/week/weekend with the surprise party of my mother-in-law. But now I'm back! And ready to party with Angie, the lovely co-hosts and everyone else! When I'm home alone and (of course) hungry, I want to cook myself something easy. So... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #25: Sugar-Free Apple Pie!

Hi guys! It is Friday again... Time REALLY flies! I have been caloriebombing you the past few weeks but today I'm going sugar free! Yes, you heard it right, sugar F-R-E-E! Little secret: I love love love love love LOVE crumbles! So guess what, today my pie will be a crumble! 😀 (Woohoo!) I'm making... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #24: Luxurious Apple Cake

Hi guys! Today, I wanted to make something a little bit more luxurious. And it had to be a cake, with apples. So may I present to you: Apple Cake with Biscoff and Brown Sugar! I really like the sound of that 😀 It is a luxurious version of my previous apple cake. I can't... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #23: Raspberry Cheesecake

Hi guys! I LOVE raspberries! Don't you? I was looking for the perfect Summer dessert besides ice cream and I have found it! Really, this Rapsberry Cheesecake is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO delicious! No, I'm NOT exagerating! AT. ALL. If there was one recipe you would try from my blog, try this! Please! You won't regret, I promise.... Continue Reading →

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