Black Forest Pancakes

Hi guys!

No, this recipe from Milkandbun has nothing to do with Easter. But it doesn’t always has to be about Easter these days right… All I could think when I saw this amazing recipe was this: ‘I. Need. These. Pancakes.”
Really, my head couldn’t think of anything else and I secretly hope yours can’t either because that’s exactly why I wanted to share this pancake recipe with you!

Oh I know what you’ll be eating next Sunday… ūüėČ

Have a delicious day ‚̧
xxx Sarah


¬†When I decided to make chocolate¬†pancakes, I didn‚Äôt expect them turn out so good and¬†delicious: a pure indulgence! I wanted to serve them only with a¬†black-cherry jam. But when I stumbled upon a pack of mascarpone in my fridge, that I wanted to use somewhere else, the decision came itself ‚Äď use it as a topping!¬†Mascarpone worked perfectly as a cream and cherry syrup (I mixed jam with some water to make it thinner) sucked into¬†pancakes¬†very well, like into a sponge cake. All¬†ingredients¬†worked more than good¬†together, dark chocolate and fresh cherry on top added¬†a nice and charming touch as well. Plus, the taste reminds the¬†famous cake ‚Äď ‚ÄúBlack Forest‚ÄĚ. It‚Äôs my husband‚Äôs¬†favorite¬†cake, so he was on a nine cloud! Honestly, these are highly¬†recommended¬†pancakes!Schwarzwald Pancakes

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