Beer Tasting @ Brewery De Koninck

Hi guys!

Last Friday, some colleagues and IΒ enjoyed a beer tasting at Brewery De Koninck in Antwerp, Belgium. We had lots of fun. Picture this: a bunch of co-workers, tasting 6 different beers. Yup. We laughed. A lot πŸ˜‰ What I like most about the brewery is the fact that it’s a city brewery. It gives Antwerp that extra beauty.

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Antwerpen Proeft 2016

Hi guys!

I went to Antwerpen Proeft last week. I was super excited because lots of famous Belgian restaurants and chefs were coming and I just knew it would be fun. Besides, you can’t miss out on such a food event being a food blogger, right?

The boyfriend and I started with exploring the different stands because we had to buy coupons and we knew we couldn’t try each and every one of them so we had to decide what to try and what not to. For me, that, obviously, wasn’t such a big deal because I almost only wanted to try desserts xD Oh boy, shame on me. But hey, someone has got to try them right! And the boyfriend doesn’t have such a sweettooth like I doΒ πŸ™‚ So I happily sacrificed myself πŸ˜‰

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Lunch at Nata Lisboa in Antwerp

Hi guys!

Every once in a while a girl needs to go on a shopping trip with her best friend. So that’s exactly what I did last week πŸ™‚ Destination: Antwerp.

Shopping is fun but it can be exhausting too aaaand you can get hungry. What do you do? You look around and see a new spot you haven’t tried yet! This time that new spot was Nata Lisboa. Located at the corner of Groenplaats and Nationalestraat, it was the perfect location for a shopping-break.

Front of Nata

Nata Antwerp outside

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Christmas gift idea: Elvea Limited Editions Box

Hi guys!

I was invited to the official opening of the Elvea Pop-Up Boutique at Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp. The famous canned tomato brand exists 130 years and that calls for some special celebrations!

Elvea launched the exclusive Selezione del Maestro. Beautiful products with Datterini tomatoes. These tomatoes are a bit sweeter than the others. You can buy them in the supermarket but the limited editions gift box (the four of them together in a beautiful gift box) is exclusively available at the Pop-Up Boutique. It makes the perfect gift for every tomato-lover!


Looks fancy, huh πŸ˜€ The dark blue with the gold gives this special edition a very luxurious look. It looks good, tastes great and doesn’t cost you a fortune. What more would you wish for? This fabulous gift box is available in the Pop-Up Boutique at Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp for 12,50 euros.

For those of you who live in Antwerp or have visited the city in the near past know how the Pop-Up stores inside the Stadsfeestzaal look like. Elvea has claimed its place next to Zest Juice Bar, at the main entrance. You can’t miss it! πŸ˜€

The Pop-Up Boutique also offers you the regular and newest products by Elvea. So you can easily buy your own canned tomatoes whilst Christmas shopping for family and friends πŸ˜‰

To promote the Pop-Up Boutique, Elvea has created this fabulous Fiat 500:


Have a delicious day ❀
xxx Sarah

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The Honey Project by Dominique Persoone

Hi guys!

I had the time of my life…
No seriously, I had the best night in my life last week!
I was invited to go to Dominique Persoone and learn about his new project: The Honey Project
Plus, we’ve got a workshop on how to make Honey Chocolates by the master himself!

It was a night full of amazing things and wonderful stories.

Once upon a time…

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Antwerp Food Truck Festival | Barrio Cantina

Hi guys!

I went to the Antwerp Food Truck Festival last Monday. It was organized by Barrio Cantina and they moved around Flanders. So if you couldn’t get enough of a couple of days, you could travel with the festival to Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp or Ostende.

I took my boyfriend and his best friend to Antwerp for this awesome event.
There were so many foodtrucks! But we had a plan: first see what kind of food there was, then buy our tickets and then… EAT! πŸ˜€

Our first stop was at the Microbar. This foodtruck brought us… *hold your breath* … insects!
Yes, that’s right! Insects.


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Press days at Maison PR

Hi guys!

Time for our next overview of the Press Days!
Today: Maison PR.

I walked in and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the new collection from Keds!
The shoes I’m about to show you are drop-dead gorgeous!


Admit it, you wouldn’t know which one to choose, would you?
Well, I still have two months to make up my mind.
I hope my All Stars will last until then because they are pretty old and worn outΒ by now…

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Place to be: Maurice

Hi guys!

A few weeks ago, I went with some friends to coffeebar Maurice in Antwerp.
You can find it in the KBC building (den Boerentoren)
I LOVE this place! It really is ‘the place to be’.
The interior reminds me of my amazing time in NYC.
You’ll agree that the coffeebar looks like some fancy NYC place πŸ™‚


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MOJO @ D’offis

Hi guys!

A little while ago I was invited to the opening of MOJO, in Antwerp.
MOJO is going to happen every last Saturday of the month, at D’offis (Antwerp).
It’s a new initiative from soccer player Roel Van Hemert.

What is the concept?

MOJO is a unique and classy Saturday night dinner & dance concept with Belgian/French cuisine.
To keep you entertained, DJ’s will perform during and after dinner.
When we were there (yes, the boyfriend came with me) they put away the tables after dinner so there was more room to dance. I really hope they’ll keep doing so because it was quite nice.

Enough about the concept. Let’s talk interior…
It’s one of my little “secrets” but I love interiors! Always wanted to become an architect but math wasn’t really my best friend… Oh well, I love PR and I hope I can get to do the same cool things Jill from MaisonPR does.

Anyway, the interior.
What caught my eye the moment we walked in were these incredibly beautiful walls! Or pieces of wall actually.
The calm and sober white walls with these amazing mosaics! I LOVE it!
Even more awesome is the fact that they change colours. There are spots in front of them who change colors and so the mosaics change colors too. Very pretty!

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Lojola: My favourite place in Antwerp

Hi guys!

Last Friday, I took my best friend to Lojola.
Lojola is my favourite place in Antwerp, Belgium!
A friend introduced it to me and it was love at first sight!
It is the best coffee & cake store ever! Not only does Jolien (the owner) make fresh cakes and pies and other delicious stuff every day, the interior is amazing!
Lojola is a little bit kitschy but it is so so cozy!
I also love the building itself! It is such a beautiful old building!
I have some photographs for you to prove it πŸ˜‰

Lojola makes you happy! The street and the square where you can find Lojola is also very beautiful!

Now, let’s prove the inside is super kitchy but SO cozy! I wouldn’t change a thing about it!



No, we didn’t go there just to feel happy in this cozy spot!
We did try some of the delicious treats!
My best friend and I went for the crumbles! Apple-Forest Fruits Crumble and Blueberry Crumble (YUM!)

Jolien just made some Banoffee Pie (the one on the right!)
She posted the recipe for this Banoffee Pie on her blog: Banoffee Pie
(She won first place in a baking competition on Belgian TV with this pie!)
But the recipe (and the blog) are in Dutch. So I will be making this incredible pie and I’ll post an English recipe πŸ˜‰
But it may take a while :s

We really REALLY liked these pies!
Fien met taartFien eet
Oh god! Where did that piece go!?! πŸ˜‰

We wanted some tea too πŸ™‚
And after the hot ones, we wanted to try the HOMEMADE Ice Tea!
My god! It was soooooooo good! I could keep on drinking it the whole afternoon…
Homemade Ice Tea Lojola

Let me tell you something more about Jolien.
Jolien started Lojola about 4 years ago. I found it quite funny how she started because they first found the building and then decided what to do with it.
This little, cozy building is just perfect for a tearoom! And that is exactly what she thought!
Jolien is a self-taught baker who started by making Martha Stewart’s recipes.
She told me that her first cakes and pies weren’t really what they were supposed to be…
She’s even surprised no one ever told her to search for something else to do instead of opening Lojola!
But I am very happy to say that she does am amazing job!Β  Her pies are DELICIOUS!
And she does it all by herself!
What a women…

Where does the name “Lojola” actually come from?
The name came from ‘iGnatius of Loyola’. He was the founder of the Jesuits. Apparently he must have been quite a fast liver :p
The square where we can find Lojola also has the Carolus Borromeuschurch. This church used to be the iGnatius of Loyola church.
That’s why Jolien chose the name Lojola!
I like the fact that she incorporated a little bit of local (VERY local) history in the name πŸ™‚

ik at Lojola

Yup! We LOVE Lojola!
And YES! We will visit it again and again and again…

Want to visit Antwerp? Visit Lojola too!

Hendrik Conscienceplein 14
2000 Antwerp

Have a delicious day ❀
xxx Sarah

p.s. Lojola has a Facebook page: Lojola
Check here the amazing and delicious treats Jolien made!