Brusselse Wafel / Waffle for 21st of July

Hi guys! "Uhm, Sarah...? It's not yet Friday you know." "Oh I know!" "Then why is there a new blogpost today?" "Because it's our National Holiday today!" I simply cannot post my recipe for our National Holiday the day after, right? 😀 Last year, I made a Flag Cake. This year, I've kept it simple... Continue Reading →

Hooray! We have a Bodum store in Brussels

Hi guys! I've got some GREAT news! Belgium now has its own official Bodum store! Where? In Brussels of course... I hope there will be one in Antwerp too some day (It's easier for me to get there) but I'm super excited we finally have one in Belgium 🙂 A couple of weeks ago, I... Continue Reading →

Hard Rock CafĂ© World Burger Tour

Hi guys! I was super excited to be invited to the World Burger Tour in Hard Rock CafĂ© Brussels! Along with lots of other bloggers, I could taste the five World Burger Tour burgers of the month of June. What a relief they made mini versions! Can you image eating FIVE burgers in one night?!... Continue Reading →

Café du Sablon

Hi guys! I had a great meeting with Anita from The Brusselsprouts yesterday! I had won their BarĂč contest and headed to Brussels to pick it up. She proposed to meet me at CafĂ© du Sablon so it was thanks to her that I can now show you this awesome place! The whole day was... Continue Reading →

Salon du Chocolat

Hi guys! Yesterday was THE day for chocoholics! It was (and still is) Salon du Chocolat in Brussels Expo. I was so lucky to receive an invitation and enjoy the blogging event PeppeRmintPR had organized. The evening was so much fun! I literally had to say "no" to chocolatiers, offering me some chocolate, because I've... Continue Reading →

Tout Bon in Brussels

Hi guys! I went to Brussels last week for a little trip. I decided to randomly walk around. Left, right, left, right, ... Some places were familiar but most of them weren't. I arrived at the business side of Brussels by the time my stomach warned me for noon. Yes, there are snack bars in... Continue Reading →

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