Whittard of Chelsea: Christmas Collection

Hi guys! Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for tea, coffee or hot chocolate lovers? Or just a huge fan yourself? Whittard of Chelsea has got you covered with their awesome Christmas Collection! It looks great and it tastes even better. The Whittard Christmas Collection covers every craving. From Christmas tea, to special coffee... Continue Reading →

Cantata: Tea lover paradise!

Hi guys! I went shopping with The Boyfriend last Saturday and we came across this lovely tea, coffee and gift store in Wijnegem Shopping Center: Cantata. They have more than 170 different kinds of tea and more than 50 coffees. You can imagine the tea lover in myself having a blast... 😉 The people at... Continue Reading →

My very first cup of coffee ever by Koffie Kàn

Hi guys! Today was International Coffee Day! And I have a confession to make. Never ever have I had a cup of coffee before... And I still wouldn't have if it wasn't for Koffie Kàn. One day, I got an invitation from the coffee brand to try their coffees. I told them I actually never... Continue Reading →

Place to be: Maurice

Hi guys! A few weeks ago, I went with some friends to coffeebar Maurice in Antwerp. You can find it in the KBC building (den Boerentoren) I LOVE this place! It really is 'the place to be'. The interior reminds me of my amazing time in NYC. You'll agree that the coffeebar looks like some... Continue Reading →

Lojola: My favourite place in Antwerp

Hi guys! Last Friday, I took my best friend to Lojola. Lojola is my favourite place in Antwerp, Belgium! A friend introduced it to me and it was love at first sight! It is the best coffee & cake store ever! Not only does Jolien (the owner) make fresh cakes and pies and other delicious... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #19: Coffee Biscuit Cupcakes

Woohoo! It's Friday again! That means my finals are OVER 😀 Oh well, I have French on Tuesday but that won't cause any problem. I promised the recipe for my coffee biscuit cupcakes and I thought it's a great dessert to bring at the party 🙂 So here it is! It was actually my boyfriend... Continue Reading →

The one thing that started it all…

Oh my god. I should be so ashamed of myself! Here I am, sharing my (great) recipes with you. But I never even told you what the first thing I baked was! Well, cupcakes! It was my love for cupcakes that started my passion for baking. Why I love them so much? Cupcakes are delicious,... Continue Reading →

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