Vanilla Easter Bunny Cake with Mango

Hi guys!

Easter is almost here! Are you guys as excited about it as I am? I don’t really decorate the house but I do love the Easter chocolate 😉 I think I’m going to make my boyfriend a little easter hunt. I think he’ll love it.

When I think about Easter, I think about chocolate, eggs, little chicks and bunnies. I somehow always go for the bunnies when it comes to Easter recipes. Last year,  I made a big bunny cake. This year? I’m making one again! But a completely different bunny cake.

Vanilla Easter Bunny Cake

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Easter Brownies

Hi guys!

Happy Easter! If you still don’t have a yummy Easter recipe for tonight, or if you just want to bake some more, I’ve got 1 final recipe for you. Super easy and super quick to make! Yay!

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Carrot Cake for Easter

Hi guys!

Easter makes me dream about the egg hunting I did when I was a kid. I loved searching for them in the garden. My parents were perfect at hiding them but I was also very good at finding them 😉 My grandma always took me to the church where the Easter bells threw little bags filled with eggs from the highest tower.

Later, I coordinated the egg hunt for my two nieces. Coordinated you say? Yup. It was my job to make sure they didn’t steal eggs from eachother. #dreamjob xD It was actually quite fun to watch them get all excited about the eggs though.

There’s one thing I will definitely never forget. My godmother used to buy us a chocolate figure from the bakery in her street. Usually a chicken or a lamb. Mine was always white. Why? Because my dad loves white chocolate. This seriously was the reason it was always made of white chocolate. Every year, she said: “This one is for your dad. Because I know how much he loves white chocolate.” I didn’t think it was fair. She is my godmother. Not my father’s xD But luckily for me I am my father’s daughter: I love white chocolate 😉

So Easter is all about chocolate eggs. But the Easter Bunny plays a part in it too! After all, the Easter bells can’t reach every spot in the garden, can they? To treat our fluffy Easter Bunny, I made him (or her) some Carrot Cake!

Carrot Cake Recipe

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Easter Egg Sprinkle Cookies

Hi guys!

It’s almost Easter. Whenever there is a holiday coming up, I open my Pinterest and scroll for hours looking for inspiration. It didn’t took me long to find exactly what I wanted to make for Easter. I wanted cookies and sprinkles. Bam! Perfect! The pictures on Pinterest are always so stunning. When I try to copy something, it usually doens’t turn out that fabulous. But these cookies did. It may have something to do with how easy these Easter Egg Sprinkle Cookies are to make.

Easter Sprinkle Cookies

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Easter Coconut Macaroon Nests

Hi guys!

Sunday is Easter and so today is my last recipe to prepare you for it 😉 I almost can’t believe I’ve made more Easter recipes than Christmas ones… Oh boy, I’m not having my priorities straight. But I actually don’t think the amount of posts about a certain holiday should be important. It’s the fun you have doing it that counts 😀

I know I said Easter was coming in the size of Cupcakes but this last recipe is something different though. I didn’t plan it, I just came across this super awesome Easter idea on Little Sweet Baker where Lily shared her Easter Macaroons and I instantly knew I had to make them! They are cute, festive, super delicious, almost lactose free AND perfect for Easter of course!

Beautiful Easter Coconut Macaroon Nests

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Easter Chick Cupcakes

Hi guys!

I hope today’s blogpost can somehow make you forget about the horror in Brussels yesterday. Even if it’s just for one second. I really hope you can still find love and happiness in the little things in life.

And I do hope you’ll find my Easter Chick Cupcakes slightly amusing because they didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped they would be…

The boyfriend always says my frosting looks like a pile of poo. It would have been great if that had been the case this time but alas. Meet my Easter Chicks:

Easter Chick Cupcakes

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Easter Oreo Cupcakes

Hi guys!

I told you I’m in my Cupcake period, right 🙂 These Oreo Cupcakes are so good, you’ll want it before, during and after Easter 😉 The best part of this Cupcake probably is the Oreo/Milka chocolate egg on top. It’s soooo good!

Easter Oreo Cupcakes with Milka Oreo Easter Egg

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Salted Caramel Easter Surprise Cupcakes

Hi guys!

Easter is coming close. I love Easter. The colours, the beginning of Spring and – of course – the chocolate 🙂 When I was a kid, I used to go to my grandparents and look for eggs in their gardens. And at home as well of course. I LOVED it! I believed in it for a very – very – long time because of my parents. I guess they loved me believing in the stories because one year, they painted bunny paws on the floor to make me believe Easter Bunny had been inside our house to deliver the eggs to us. What great parents I have!

You may have noticed it before but I’m really into Cupcakes these days… So Easter is coming in the size of Cupcakes this year! I’m not planning on making any other Easter recipes besides Cupcakes :p They are just so cute and fit the holiday perfectly 🙂

So, on the outside it looks like a normal Salted Caramel Cupcake:

Salted Caramel Cupcakes

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Top 5 Easter Dishes (Guest post)

Hi guys!

Brussels Food Friends asked me to write a guest post for them and of course my answer was “YES!” 😀
It is all about Easter (although that, unfortunately, is already long behind us)

I hope you all had a very nice Easter! Hopefully with lots of chocolate Easter eggs! Although that habit seems to be typical for Belgium and The Netherlands. Other countries apparently hide cooked eggs, painted in all sorts of colours.
No matter what kind of eggs you’ve had, I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

No chocolate or cooked eggs for this top 5 though!
These bloggers have prepared some great dishes for Easter! Let’s see what they ate.

Alexia from Must Be Yummie made a whole Easter Brunch! I love her decorations! And I love her bunny too!


Sandra from Leeks and High Heels made lunch. And not just any kind of lunch! This Easter Lunch of hers is so perfect! Wish I had sat at her table…


Lieziepeasy decided to make something delicious as a count-down to Easter! Make sure not to miss her incredible Pull-apart bread with lemon. It looks so good!


“Easter weekend has been a weekend of over-eating”. Well, Lisa, I would have over-eaten myself too if I had been exposed to your delicious table! The meat, the pie, the donuts, … Oh my.


Last but not least: Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes ‘de luxe’ with Nutella frosting from our beloved Hap & Tap is so Easter! Why? Because she used Nutella’s Easter jar for this recipe! They look so so good! YUMM!


I hope you liked these posts as much as I do and may they inspire you for next year’s Easter! 😀

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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A very happy Easter thanks to Albert Heijn

Hi guys!

I hope you all had a great Easter!

I always thought every country, or at least the European ones, had the same Easter traditions but that turns out not to be the case!
We collect chocolate eggs the Easter Bunny and the Easter Clocks have thrown in our gardens whereas others collect painted boiled eggs…
Am I happy to live in the land of chocolate 😉
Seriously, if there is one thing I can’t live without, it’s got to be chocolate!


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