7 awesome Pancake recipes for National Pancake Day

Hi guys!

Happy National Pancake Day! I think this is my new favorite “holiday” :p

I just LOVE Pancakes… American Pancakes, homemade Pancakes, Nutella Pancakes, Pancakes from my grandma, … I LOVE them! Who doesn’t? 😀

To celebrate this very special and joyful day I bring you 7 awesome recipes!

#1: Apple Pie Pancakes

apple pie pancakes

Two of my favorite things combined. That just screams DELICIOUS!

#2: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes


These pancakes are for all you cinnamon lovers out there! 😀

#3: Nutella stuffed Pancakes


Oh boy… These look soooooo good! It’s literally 1 pancake + nutella + 1 pancake 😮
Omnomnom ^^

#4: Fluffy Banana Pancakes


I’d say these are the perfect breakfast pancakes! No more grumpy mornings 😉

#5: Blueberry Pancakes


Aaaah the Blueberry Pancake… I think this one has become a classic and I can easily understand why 🙂 Yummy!

#6: Chocolate Pancakes


Don’t eat this pancake for breakfast on a workday… I think you won’t make it to noon. But this would make perfect partyfood! Or comfort food 😉 Mwuhaha!

#7: Lactose & Sugar Free Pancakes

Pancake 02

Craving pancakes but in need of a little bit more healthy ones? Try my lactose and sugar free pancakes. They are delicious but don’t fall so hard on your stomach (or hips, bums and bellies 😉 )

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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