May & June Favorites 2017

Hi guys! I've been so busy lately, I completely forgot about my favorites in May! *slaps her head* So this edition will be a compilation of May and June Favorites. Because they're all worth seeing so I couldn't leave them out. As always, the favorites are listed in a random order. Are you guys ready... Continue Reading →

October Favorites

Hi guys! I hope you guys had a fun and slightly spooky Halloween 🙂 In case you don't really want it to be over yet, I've got some great news for you: this October favorites is filled with Halloween recipes! Well, not all of them are but still 🙂 And of course, October was Halloween prepping... Continue Reading →

September Favorites

Hi guys! It was about time I shared my September Favorites with you. You guys waved Summer goodbye whilst pulling out the cinnamon, apples and pumpkins. I didn't mind that quick switch between salads and pumpkin recipes. I guess I just like Fall desserts better 😉 #1: Chocolate Mocha Cake Ai made it for you... Continue Reading →

November Favorites – Christmas Edition

Hi guys! It's December!!! I lost track of how many times I've either said or thought that... But I'm just so excited! December really is the most wonderful time to me. Happy times and lovely time with family and friends. It's such a great time! I don't even mind the cold. Snuggle together with a... Continue Reading →

October Favorites

Hi guys! Last weekend was Halloween and that means it's November already! Is it just me or is time flying by so fast lately? I have too little hours in a day (as always) and I bet I'm not the only one :p But what October did give us instead of time were some awesome... Continue Reading →

September Favorites

Hi guys! It's October... Can you believe it?! Fall is here, Halloween is coming and the leaves are changing colors. I LOVE this season! When I think about Fall, I immediately smell the apple pies, pumpkin cupcakes and all the spices that go with Fall 🙂 Lovely ^^ BUT first we have our September favorites!... Continue Reading →

August Favorites

Hi guys! It is official: Summer is over! It's the 1st of September and all the kiddos had to go to school again. I bet lots of the parents are relieved their kids can go back to school :p There will be kids who loved going back and there will be some who cried... One... Continue Reading →

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