Homemade Kaiserschmarrn

Hi guys! Tomorrow is Lichtmis / Candlemas. The typical treat on that day is: Pancakes! I was thinking of many different Pancake recipes but given the time of the year and my love for skiing and Austria, I thought Kaiserschmarrn would be great! Have you ever had Kaiserschmarrn? It's a typical Austrian dish which is... Continue Reading →

American Blueberry Pancakes with maple syrup

Hi guys It's Friday! Which means the weekend is almost here and what better start of your weekend than with some delicious Blueberry Pancakes! The American style 😉 I LOVE American Pancakes! So easy and so delicious. It takes me back to NYC ^^ These pancakes were made with the new cookware collection from Jeroen... Continue Reading →

Black Forest Pancakes

Hi guys!

No, this recipe from Milkandbun has nothing to do with Easter. But it doesn’t always has to be about Easter these days right… All I could think when I saw this amazing recipe was this: ‘I. Need. These. Pancakes.”
Really, my head couldn’t think of anything else and I secretly hope yours can’t either because that’s exactly why I wanted to share this pancake recipe with you!

Oh I know what you’ll be eating next Sunday… 😉

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah


 When I decided to make chocolate pancakes, I didn’t expect them turn out so good and delicious: a pure indulgence! I wanted to serve them only with a black-cherry jam. But when I stumbled upon a pack of mascarpone in my fridge, that I wanted to use somewhere else, the decision came itself – use it as a topping! Mascarpone worked perfectly as a cream and cherry syrup (I mixed jam with some water to make it thinner) sucked into pancakes very well, like into a sponge cake. All ingredients worked more than good together, dark chocolate and fresh cherry on top added a nice and charming touch as well. Plus, the taste reminds the famous cake – “Black Forest”. It’s my husband’s favorite cake, so he was on a nine cloud! Honestly, these are highly recommended pancakes!Schwarzwald Pancakes

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7 awesome Pancake recipes for National Pancake Day

Hi guys! Happy National Pancake Day! I think this is my new favorite "holiday" :p I just LOVE Pancakes... American Pancakes, homemade Pancakes, Nutella Pancakes, Pancakes from my grandma, ... I LOVE them! Who doesn't? 😀 To celebrate this very special and joyful day I bring you 7 awesome recipes! #1: Apple Pie Pancakes Two... Continue Reading →

Lactose-free, sugarfree Pancakes with an extra!

Hi guys! You're probably wondering how lactose-free, sugarfree Pancakes can have something extra. I know it sounds a bit weird :p But they do have an extra ^^ They've got a little bit of vanilla pudding powder in them 🙂 It makes the pancakes super yummy! Wat we need: 6 eggs 10 g stevia 400... Continue Reading →

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