Chez Claire: yummy éclairs in Antwerp

Hi guys!

Last week, The Boyfriend and I went strollin’ through Antwerp. Enjoying the sun, walking in and out stores, drinking. That was the plan. But our little citytrip turned into some kind of Chocolate Treasure Hunt… I don’t think we’ve visited stores that didn’t include chocolate. Oops!

Antwerp has so many chocolate stores, it’s unbelievable! I think I might map them and make a real Chocolate Treasure Hunt for friends or family. Wouldn’t that be fun?

One of our stops was Chez Claire. Some of you may have heard from it, or already tried it? Chez Claire is a fancy store with exclusively éclairs.

Chez Claire Antwerp.jpg

They have a store in Ghent and one in Antwerp. Even if you don’t like éclairs, pay the shop a visit. It is pink and fancy and almost over the top in fancyness. They even have a bar table at the end of the store where you can enjoy your éclairs with some champagne. Not kidding. How fancy do you want it to be…

Chez Claire eclairs

Eclairs were the typical pastries our grand parents used to eat. Especially on Sundays. Dries and Yuri (the founders) wanted to bring them back. And how. They don’t call these “Haute Eclairs” for nothing. Chez Claire has 13 yummy éclairs you can eat in or take on the go in a fancy wrapping. I must admit I just felt fabulous walking around with this pink box… A girl can have her moments, right?

Chez Claire Cheesecake and Salted Caramel

Let me tell you the menu so you can already choose the one(s) you want to try 😉
There are two éclairs I don’t know the flavours of. I know there’s supposed to be a lemon one too but I don’t know which one that is.

Chez Claire
Picture from Chez Claire

La Fraise | Cheesecake | Mango & Passion fruit | Cuberdon | Raspberry | Pistacchio | Salted Caramel | La Claire (original) | ? | Dark Chocolate | Galaxy | ? | Nuts

The Boyfriend and I tried La Fraise, La Claire, Cheesecake and Salted Caramel. My personal favorite was La Fraise. The strawberry flavour is just so good! It was heaven. Cheesecake wasn’t bad, but I think the flavor could have been a little stronger. Same for the Salted Caramel. La Claire was good, but since it is the original éclair, it wasn’t that exciting. You may think I’m too much of a critic. You may be right but I based my comments on the fact that you pay €4,5 for 1 éclair. Which I don’t think is cheap. So if I pay that much, it should be awesome. La Fraise certainly was.

I might go back to try the Mango Passion one. It does sound great! And the Raspberry. Perhaps I’ll take La Fraise again as well… Oh boy.

Chez Claire Antwerp

Next time you’re in Antwerp, I’d suggest you go get yourself some éclairs! Chez Claire is located in my favorite part of Antwerp: De Wilde Zee. The streets are filled with fancy shops and it is just so cosy around there. A must visit 🙂

If you’ve already tried one some of these éclairs, which one was your favorite? Let me know! Or which one do you want to try? I’d love to hear 🙂

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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