Richard’s by Hellmann’s: a New York deli in Antwerp

Hi guys!

Today is the official opening of Richard’s by Hellmann’s! It’s a sandwich bar but so much more than that. Richard’s brings the New York deli to Antwerp. The restaurant has brick walls, clean and light furniture and a very yummy menu. Let me tell you something about this unique pop-up in the heart of Antwerp.


How it all started

Richard Hellmann sold mayonaise in his store in New York. It was his wife’s recipe. Richard wanted to make his product stand out and so he came up with the idea of adding a blue ribbon to the jars. Soon, the ‘blue ribbon’ mayonaise became New Yorks favorite.

Where the deli comes from? Richard Hellmann started to serve delicious food in his store! That’s exactly what you will find at Richard’s By Hellmann’s. You can either sit down and enjoy a great lunch, dinner or snack or buy the mayonaise. Or both ofcourse! Hellmann’s now also has ketchup! It is sweetened with honey instead of sugar and tastes like real tomatoes. Or so they say. I can’t wait to try and find out if it’s true 😉


On the menu

Homemade Lemonades, special beers, wine, chocolate chip cookies, milkshakes, cheesecake, pickled veggies, fries, salads, bagels, burgers and of course the famous Reuben Sandwich with pastrami. Can you feel that NY vibe? I know I do!


I’ve tried the cheeseburger and the fish burger. Both tasted really good. Little spoiler alert: the fish burger has a leaf of mint on top (!) So surprising! (it were mini ones because we could taste multiple ones) Last one of the night was of course the Reuben Sandwich. Shame on me but I’ve never had one before. I now know I was missing out on something. Yum! Definitely a must try.

Richard’s by Hellmann’s has lots of fun postal cards laying around. Most of them feature sandwiches but some have great quotes on them. One of these quotes is “real men were bow ties”. Love it! And guess what, the men do wear bow ties. I can’t say it didn’t please me…

Today is the official opening and it will only last for a couple of weeks. I do hope Richard’s by Hellmann’s proves to be super succesfull and makes Grote Markt 6 in Antwerp its forever home. I would love to go back and I’d really hate to see this one go. Can I start a petition for something like this? Antwerp doens’t really have a New York deli and I think it’s a real plus for the city. Yes, Antwerp isn’t New York but a little NYC never killed nobody.

Richard’s isn’t that big inside, but it has a large terrace which is absolutely great with this weather!


You can find Richard’s by Hellmann’s at Grote Markt 6 in Antwerp. If you’re planning to visit, be quick! As I’ve said before, it’s a pop-up and will only last for a couple of weeks.

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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