May & June Favorites 2017

Hi guys! I've been so busy lately, I completely forgot about my favorites in May! *slaps her head* So this edition will be a compilation of May and June Favorites. Because they're all worth seeing so I couldn't leave them out. As always, the favorites are listed in a random order. Are you guys ready... Continue Reading →

Homemade Speculoos Ice Cream with Mamita’s Bakeries

Hi guys! I promised you another Ice Cream recipe and I actually think this one is even better than the Stracciatella Ice Cream recipe 😮 (almost can't believe I'm writing this). What makes this Speculoos Ice Cream so good? The speculoos! I had the chance to try Mamita's Bakeries' speculoos and it is just so... Continue Reading →

Yummy Stracciatella Ice Cream without ice cream maker

Hi guys! It's sunny outside! That calls for some yummy homemade Ice Cream! Today, we're making my absolute favorite Ice Cream flavour: Stracciatella! I know, Brownie or Cookie Dough Ice Cream is delicious as well but I really prefer Stracciatella. Australian Ice Cream has the best Stracciatella in my eyes but I did hope this... Continue Reading →

Ben & Jerry’s: The story behind the delicious ice cream

Hi guys! A while ago, I went to an event from Ben & Jerry's in Brussels. I had my very first Ben & Jerry's ice cream and was immediately sold. I was such a fan of the famous Cookie Dough that I made these Cookie Dough Brownies, inspired by the ice cream. Since that night,... Continue Reading →

Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream

Hi guys! This ice cream recipe might be the easiest one you'll ever find! I got inspired by Ben & Jerry's. You can tell, right? I absolutely love this ice cream flavor! It has brownie chunks in it, chocolate chips aboard and of course a yummy chocolate flavor. I'm actually really proud of my first... Continue Reading →

Tiramisu Ice Cream: The best thing ever!

Hi guys! I think we all know those moments where friends and family come to visit and you want to offer them something delicious, but you didn't know they were coming so you didn't have time to prepare some treats. Wow, what a sentence... Anyways, we all know that, right? Well, stop whatever the hell... Continue Reading →

June Favorites

Hi guys! The 1st of July... Oh boy. Before you know it, it'll be Christmas again. Time flies when you're having fun, they say. I guess I'm having loads of fun then. Once Monday morning has passed, Friday is there in no time. It's insane. In three days, a lot of you will be celebrating... Continue Reading →

Homemade Oreo Ice Cream without ice maker!

Hi guys! You know how much I LOVE Oreo's. So when my blogging friend Myriam told me she had this awesome Oreo Coffee Ice Cream recipe, without ice maker, I just had to try it! (yes, I took out the coffee) If it wasn't to share with you guys, it was to make and eat... Continue Reading →

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