Creative Ways to Display Your Cookbooks

Hi guys!

You know I have a little cookbook addiction, don’t you :p
Recently I received a mail from Kelsey who works for Modernize. She asked me if they could write a guestpost for me. Of course, I said!
A bit later, she send me a mail with some topics they wanted to write about. One of them was this article. Creative ways to display your cookbooks! It couldn’t have been more in line with my personal interests :p I hope you guys enjoy it as well.

Nothing says adult life like starting a collection of quality cookbooks. At Modernize, we know that making room for cookbooks can be a real pain, especially if you’re struggling to find storage space in a rented or smaller kitchen. Here are some creative ways to store your cookbooks and show off your collection at the same time.

Kitchen island shelves

If your kitchen has an island, then put the otherwise forgotten ends to use as shelving space. Display the best and brightest cookbooks here to instantly add creative flair to your kitchen. Bonus points for wine storage!

Creative ways to display cookbooksvia Modernize

Invisible shelves

Get extra arty with your cookbook display with a few invisible shelves. These clever gadgets screw into the walls and have a slot for the book covers, so once you’ve hooked one book on, the shelf disappears and your books seem to float on the wall. Pretty handy, too!

Creative ways to display cookbooksvia The Design Files

Cookbooks as art

Looking for a way to decorate your kitchen and display your cookbooks at the same time? Choose the most classic, iconic cookbooks to display on floating shelves and offset your books with a few knick knacks, heirloom jars, and kitchen supplies.

Creative ways to display cookbooksvia Modernize

Hanging racks

Nothing says saving space like vertical wall storage. Install a kitchen storage rod and hang cookbooks alongside your spices and a few kitchen utensils. This handy unit doubles as a cookbook stand, so it frees up space on your countertop for prep work while showcasing your favourite recipes.

Creative ways to display cookbooksvia Modernize


Upcycling is all the rage when it comes to home decor, so don’t forget about your kitchen when scouring antique shops and redecorating your home. Place a few of your best loved cookbooks in a basket on the countertop for easy access and instant vintage charm.

Creative ways to display cookbooksvia Raising Up Rubies

Cookbook stand

Probably the most classic of cookbook displays is the traditional cookbook stand. The best thing about this display, aside from its obvious functional nature, is its versatility. Change out your display cookbook as often as you like and add a talking point to your kitchen countertops.

Creative ways to display cookbooksvia Modernize

Colour coded

When you have too many cookbooks to store any other way, using regular shelves is a perfectly acceptable display option. Mix it up by arranging your cookbooks according to colour and change the entire aesthetic of your collection.

Creative ways to display cookbooksvia Apartment Therapy

Creative spaces

Sometimes kitchens leave much to be desired in the way of storage space. Make the most out of unused corners and alcoves in your kitchen by installing a shelving unit where appliances stick out into the room or where nothing else will fit. Arrange your cookbooks on the shelves and eliminate dead space with a beautiful display.

Creative ways to display cookbooksvia Modernize

Written by Kaitlin Krull

I hope you were inspired in some way and found fun ideas to display your cookbooks! I know I have.

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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