October Favorites

Hi guys! How was Halloween? If I could, I'd skip November and most of December to go straight to Christmas! Or a couple of days before so I can buy presents 😉 I just love it so much. The lights in the streets, being together with family, making lovely desserts, giving each other presents, ...... Continue Reading →

Zombie Unicorn Cake for Halloween

Hi guys! Happy Halloween! I bet lots of you are going out tonight in fabulous and terrifying outfits. Others may go door to door with the kids or send the kids to go Trick or Treat-ing. Some of you are going to watch horror movies. If you're wondering what I'm doing tonight, I think we... Continue Reading →

Black Cat Halloween Cake

Hi guys! I've seen amazing, really scary Halloween creations in the past few weeks. My Mummies weren't really scary and today's Halloween recipe isn't either. But I just love cute Halloweens xD Remember the Frankenstein Cupcakes from last year? Not so scary. See, I have a theme when it comes to Halloween... Some people want... Continue Reading →

Mummy Brownies for Halloween

Hi guys! I haven't been abducted by ghosts or black cats. I was busy trying some Halloween recipes for you! And I kinda took a week off. Sometimes you just need to go offline for a while. Get in touch with that inner you or catch up with some friends. Or series in my case...... Continue Reading →

October Favorites

Hi guys! I hope you guys had a fun and slightly spooky Halloween 🙂 In case you don't really want it to be over yet, I've got some great news for you: this October favorites is filled with Halloween recipes! Well, not all of them are but still 🙂 And of course, October was Halloween prepping... Continue Reading →

Spiderweb Pumpkin Cheesecake for Halloween

Hi guys! We've had Halloween Cupcakes and Cookies. Now it's time for a Halloween Cheesecake! What seasonal veggie could be better to play the lead in today's Halloween recipe than pumpkin? None I tell you 🙂 Pumpkins always remind me of October and of Halloween. Always. So of course one of my Halloween recipes had... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Chip Vampire Cookies for Halloween

Hi guys! Do you know the story about that cute, little nerdy Cookie that went bad? No? Let me tell you. Once upon a Halloween night, Nerdy Cookie felt bored. He thought a walk outside might make him feel better. But he was too afraid to go outside on Halloween, so instead, he grabbed some... Continue Reading →

DIY: Frankenstein Candy Box for Halloween

Hi guys! It's almost Halloween... That means decorating the house, baking Halloween themed treats such as Frankenstein or Spider Web Cupcakes and buying a whole lot of candy! But have you ever thought about a fun box to store all that candy? Lutti did! They gave me some great inspiration to make the perfect box... Continue Reading →

Apple Cinnamon Frankenstein Cupcakes

Hi guys! Halloween is coming up and this year, I didn't want to be late with my Halloween preppings. So starting with this recipe today, I think I'm right on schedule 😉 As always, Pinterest is my favorite playground when it comes to finding inspiration for holidays. Halloween is no exeption. I found the cutest... Continue Reading →

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