Chocola-Tuti Workshop

Hi guys!

Last weekend was such a great weekend for me! I had some mother-daughter quality-time at the Libelle Winterfair! It was awesome!
I’ve seen some cool stuff and wonderful decorations for Christmas.
I’ve seen Wim Ballieu, one of my favourite TV-cooks in Belgium! I took a picture with him! (Of course)


But the thing I loved most was the workshop with Chocola-Tuti!
I had to ‘fight’ for this workshop! There were so many people who wanted to participate and only a few places each session (there were 4 sessions that day). I waited in line in the morning and had to come again in the afternoon because the first two sessions were already gone.
So in the afternoon I waited again. I think there were just three places left after I got mine! So lucky!

Was it worth the waiting? AB-SO-LU-TE-LY!
I had so much fun and actually learned a lot!
I always thought it was impossible for a non-professional baker to make chocolates. Guess what? It’s not!
Okay, the first time you do it yourself won’t be perfect. But who cares? I’m sure you’ll be an expert after three times!
Let me show you my little workshop with some pictures πŸ™‚ (Not the best quality, sorry!)
The table we were working on.

Our equipment.

First step: fill the cups with something you like (I filled them with biscuit and brΓ©silienne)

Step 2: fill the cups with the chocolate.

Step 3: “dress” your chocolates the way you like! I chose for biscuit, roasted coconut and pistache to put on top of them.

Let me show you a little photoshoot of my little (beautiful) chocolates! I’m so proud of them πŸ˜€




Beauty lies in the inside, right? It was! These chocolates didn’t only look gorgeous, they tasted like heaven as well!

Let me tell you something more about Chocola-Tuti.
Chocola-Tuti is the awesome initiative of Mieke.
She’s a young and passionate woman who wants to show the wonderful world of chocolate to all of us.
She’s so sweet!
Chocola-Tuti gives workshops for young and old! You can book her for your birthdayparty, teambuilding or just a fun evening full of chocolate with friends! At home or at her place, it’s up to you!
I wish I was able to participate in one of her workshops this December but deadlines and exams are coming so that’s not the best idea 😦
BUT I’m sure I’ll gather my friends for a fantastic workshop at Chocola-Tuti in 2015! That’s my New Year’s promise!

Want to know more? Go check out the site!
Good news: the site is also available in English πŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed my little review on the workshop!
Have a delicious day ❀
xxx Sarah

p.s. I’m so going back to the Libelle Winterfair next year if Mieke still gives workshops there!

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