DIY: Frankenstein Candy Box for Halloween

Hi guys! It's almost Halloween... That means decorating the house, baking Halloween themed treats such as Frankenstein or Spider Web Cupcakes and buying a whole lot of candy! But have you ever thought about a fun box to store all that candy? Lutti did! They gave me some great inspiration to make the perfect box... Continue Reading →

MOJO @ D’offis

Hi guys! A little while ago I was invited to the opening of MOJO, in Antwerp. MOJO is going to happen every last Saturday of the month, at D'offis (Antwerp). It's a new initiative from soccer player Roel Van Hemert. What is the concept? MOJO is a unique and classy Saturday night dinner & dance... Continue Reading →

Chocola-Tuti Workshop

Hi guys! Last weekend was such a great weekend for me! I had some mother-daughter quality-time at the Libelle Winterfair! It was awesome! I've seen some cool stuff and wonderful decorations for Christmas. I've seen Wim Ballieu, one of my favourite TV-cooks in Belgium! I took a picture with him! (Of course) But the thing... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Bundt Cakes

Hi there! I made some delicious chocolate bundt cakes today. I love this recipe because the cake is nice and fluffy so it won't be too heavy to digest 😉 This cake recipe is perfect for chocolate lovers like me! Ingredients: - 250 g butter - 250 g sugar - 250 g self-raising flour -... Continue Reading →

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