Tout Bon in Brussels

Hi guys!

I went to Brussels last week for a little trip.
I decided to randomly walk around. Left, right, left, right, …
Some places were familiar but most of them weren’t.







I arrived at the business side of Brussels by the time my stomach warned me for noon.
Yes, there are snack bars in that area. But I wanted to try something different than a sandwich.
At first I thought I had to go back to the center because all I saw were little restaurants and I didn’t feel like spending much. I didn’t even had that much money with me.

After a few left and right turns, I arrived at a square. It was right in front of the European Commission.
Many little (and bigger) restaurants surrounded the square.
I searched for something a bit more budget friendly and there it was: Tout Bon.
It looked nice so I went inside. Why I decided that fast to go there? Because it was raining!


If you enter the store, it looks a bit like Le Pain Quotidien. Wooden interior, a little bakery section in front and a large table. I know, Le Pain Quotidien has more large tables than Tout Bon. But I didn’t really mind, I was all alone after all.

So I found myself a table near by the bakery section. What did you expect πŸ˜‰

On my other side was a big wall of juices, jams and chocolate pastes.


I took a slice of bread with smoked salmon. It was delicious! Just the right amount of butter on it. YUM.

My tea made me feel nicely warm inside. I had plenty of time so I enjoyed my lunch while it was raining harder and harder outside. I imagined me sitting there several times per week to write my blogs. I know that would be awesome. All I did now was read the newspapers on my tablet while sipping my tea.

If you visit Brussels, pay it a visit. You don’t have to eat there, you can just buy some of those delicious chocolate pastes πŸ˜‰
Tout Bon
Rue du Luxembourg
Tout Bon on Facebook

Have a delicious day ❀
xxx Sarah

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10 thoughts on “Tout Bon in Brussels

  1. We had an overnight in Brussels on our way home from Florence just over a week ago, and by chance we walked into this little place as well! We were looking for dinner so didn’t end up eating there, but the pastries looked delicious. It was fun to read your post with the rave review!


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