Fiesta Friday #28: Rice Dish with Chicken

Hi guys!

I’m sorry for missing Fiesta Friday last week. I had such a busy day/week/weekend with the surprise party of my mother-in-law.
But now I’m back! And ready to party with Angie, the lovely co-hosts and everyone else!

When I’m home alone and (of course) hungry, I want to cook myself something easy.
So I made this rice dish with chicken, mushrooms and zucchini! It was easy and delicious and therefore perfect to me 😀


What do we need: (3 persons)

  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 package mushrooms
  • 2 bags of rice
  • 1 package chicken
  •  salt & pepper

How to:

First, wash the mushrooms and the zucchini. Cut them into any kind of pieces you like.
Bake them in a pan. Spice with salt & pepper.
Cook the rice.
When the vegetables are baked, put them in a bowl and bake the chicken in their pan. Spice with salt & pepper.
Grab a large bowl and put everything in it. Mix it a bit together and you’re done!


See, this was easy, wasn’t it 😀

I know this ain’t no fancy dinner but does it has to be one? When I’m home alone, all I want is some food I can eat in front of my television or just some hot food in general 😉
And ordering a pizza is so expensive…

I hope you guys enjoy my easy peasy dish!
Have a delicious day and a fabulous Fiesta Friday!
xxx Sarah


25 Thoughts

  1. Looks yummy, I would have to omit the mushrooms but still would be great without them I bet! I love a nice easy dinner like this, stops me having a microwave dinner!


  2. Sarah, these flavours work so well together… what a great little dish to throw together for when you’re cooking for 1 or 2, or for those crazy weeknights when you’re strapped for time! Thanks so much for sharing at FF this week!


  3. This was pretty much my go to meal of the summer, except made on a stovetop because I didn’t have an oven! Glad to know someone else is as “fancy” as me when cooking for themselves. Happy FF, and have a wonderful weekend!


  4. For some others, they wanted food to be delivered to them or prefer instant something. For me, I am like you that I could still manage to cook [even I am so hungry] so I am sure that I will be satisfied with what I eat. This is really a very easy dish, Sarah! Thanks for sharing. Happy FF to you!! ❤


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