Fiesta Friday #30: Veggie Quiche! Or not?

Hi guys! It's Fiesta Friday again at our lovely Angie's place! 😀 Are you guys excited? Because I know I am! This week, I want to bring you my latest quiche. A veggie one! Or maybe not so much... The recipe made a veggie one. But hey, it's still me! So yeah, I couldn't resist adding... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #28: Rice Dish with Chicken

Hi guys! I'm sorry for missing Fiesta Friday last week. I had such a busy day/week/weekend with the surprise party of my mother-in-law. But now I'm back! And ready to party with Angie, the lovely co-hosts and everyone else! When I'm home alone and (of course) hungry, I want to cook myself something easy. So... Continue Reading →

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