Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Eet je niet zo graag van die layered cakes maar wil je wel iets feestelijks voor je verjaardag of gewoon zomaar? Deze Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake is exact wat je nodig hebt!


Tijd voor een nieuwe wind

Hey zoetebek!

Mag ik je zo noemen? Ik moet op zoek naar een naam voor jou, mijn lezer. Voorheen was het hier in het Engels te doen en toen was het van 'hi guys', maar dat is nu niet meer van toepassing.

Waarom niet? Wel, het is tijd voor een nieuwe wind!

Victoria Sandwich

Hi guys! I wanted to post this yummy Victoria Sandwich last week but the weather has been so depressing. Not really the weather you would imagine when making the perfect picknick dessert. So I'm sharing it with you today! Admit it. It is the perfect time of the year for a picknick and a casual,... Lees verder →

Richard’s by Hellmann’s: a New York deli in Antwerp

Hi guys! Today is the official opening of Richard's by Hellmann's! It's a sandwich bar but so much more than that. Richard's brings the New York deli to Antwerp. The restaurant has brick walls, clean and light furniture and a very yummy menu. Let me tell you something about this unique pop-up in the heart... Lees verder →

Easy Madeleines

Hi guys! Sundays are for baking is one of my motto's and today was no exception. I recently bought a Madeleine baking tin and I just couldn't wait to try it ­čśë What we need (12 madeleines): 1 egg 1 egg yolk 50 g unsalted butter 50 g caster sugar 30 g self-raising flour 1,5... Lees verder →

Chez Claire: yummy ├ęclairs in Antwerp

Hi guys! Last week, The Boyfriend and I went strollin' through Antwerp. Enjoying the sun, walking in and out stores, drinking. That was the plan. But our little citytrip turned into some kind of Chocolate Treasure Hunt... I don't think we've visited stores that didn't include chocolate. Oops! Antwerp has so many chocolate stores, it's... Lees verder →

Vanilla Easter Bunny Cake with Mango

Hi guys! Easter is almost here! Are you guys as excited about it as I am? I don't really decorate the house but I do love the Easter chocolate ­čśë I think I'm going to make my boyfriend a little easter hunt. I think he'll love it. When I think about Easter, I think about... Lees verder →

Banoffee Cupcakes

Hi guys! I have to admit something. I LOVE Banoffee. I've been dreaming of Banoffee things for a while. Did you guys see my Banoffee Pie back in 2014? Oh my, is it that old already?! I really didn't think my dearest Banoffee and I were separated for that long... Good thing I made you... Lees verder →

Swedish Princess Cake

Hi guys! This weeks recipe is one with a Royal touch: Swedish Princess Cake. Swedish what? This cake is a traditional Swedish layered cake with yummy sponge cake, pastry cream, lots of whipped cream and a subtle layer of green marzipan. Finishing touch? A pink marzipan rose. The original recipe for this layered cake first... Lees verder →

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