Christmas Wishlist 2015

Hi guys!

2 more nights and Saint Nicholas is here. And then comes Christmas! 😀 As every one of you do I also have a little wishlist for Christmas. No, I’m not putting all the books I want on this list because I wouldn’t want you to be still reading this list tomorrow morning… 😉

#1: Sushi Kit



I would love to make my own Sushi one day 🙂 I promise to let you guys know how I did when I do ^^

#2: Booze Mixes


I usually don’t drink. Maybe some wine at a party or dinner but that’s all. But I saw these cute mixes for Strawberry Mojito and Blue Lagoon and I’m tempted to try these out. Or to just put them in our vitrine because to never take out because they look so cool :p

#3: Tea Case with healthy Kusmi Tea


I love tea. Don’t you think this case looks great? I’d love to have this one, even if I wouldn’t like the tastes. It would look great in our kitchen 🙂 But I bet it tastes great too! And the teas are all supposed to be healthy so that’s an extra plus ^^

#4: Donut Box


Do I really have to give a reason for this one? Come on…

#5: Mug Cake Set


Don’t you just love these cute mugs? 😀 I’ve tried and tested some Mug Cakes before and the relationship just didn’t work. But I’m pretty convinced they would taste so much better in these mugs! What do you say, shall I give it a try? :p

Every item on my list can be found at Alice Délice, by far my favorite cooking store!

If you could have anything in the world, no matter how expensive, what would it be?

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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