Favourite Instagrammers

Hi guys!

Let’s do something different today 🙂
It’s Friday (finally) and the app I use most on Friday is Instagram!

I just love to watch some television while scrolling down my Instagram feed. I love all those beautiful pictures from all those accounts I follow. I could Intagram for hours!
Some people would call it an Instagram addiction…

So today I’m giving you a little overview of some of my favourite Instagrammers.
It would be even better if you get to know some new accounts 😀

Baker D. Chirico

Baker D. Chirico

Best Friends For Frosting

Best Friends For Frosting®


Ditte Ingemann


Jenna Rae Cakes



Passion for baking



Sweet Bake Shop

The Cake Blog

The Cake Blog



The Sugar Hit


I hope you guys saw some pretty new Instagrammers to follow 🙂
Do you have some favourite Instagrammers I might not follow yet? Share them in the comments!

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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