Neuhaus pakt je in met de Winter Irresistibles

Hey Zoetebek!Ik heb het al eerder gezegd. Ik. ben. een. chocoholic. Chocolade maakt me blij en is mijn go-to comfortfood. Zelfs als ik geen comforting nodig heb. Dat klinkt voor sommigen misschien als een probleem en dat is het eigenlijk ook maar daar trek ik me nu even niets van aan. Ik beperk mezelf tot... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Wishlist for Bakers

Hi guys! It's only 13 (!) days 'till Christmas! Even I'm feeling a bit stressed... People are starting to freak out about buying presents and some people may freak out about what to ask for. Buying for a baker or being a baker yourself? Stay tuned because here comes my Christmas Wishlist for Bakers! I'm... Continue Reading →

Whittard of Chelsea: Christmas Collection

Hi guys! Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for tea, coffee or hot chocolate lovers? Or just a huge fan yourself? Whittard of Chelsea has got you covered with their awesome Christmas Collection! It looks great and it tastes even better. The Whittard Christmas Collection covers every craving. From Christmas tea, to special coffee... Continue Reading →

November Favorites

Hi guys! It's here! It's here! It's here! December is finally here! I'm so happy because now the Christmas season is officially opened! In Belgium we first have Sinterklaas on the 6th of December so I'll have to wait until then to get started with the Christmas decorations. I can barely keep myself together... I'm sure... Continue Reading →

Whittard English Rose Tea & Raspberry Cupcakes

Hi guys! Can you feel the Christmas spirit coming? No? No problem, it's still a bit early. I know. I've told you about my OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder) so it shouldn't be a surprise that I am already getting in the Christmas spirit... Bought myself a new Christmas sweater yesterday and almost grabbed a cute... Continue Reading →

October Favorites

Hi guys! How was Halloween? If I could, I'd skip November and most of December to go straight to Christmas! Or a couple of days before so I can buy presents 😉 I just love it so much. The lights in the streets, being together with family, making lovely desserts, giving each other presents, ...... Continue Reading →

August Favorites

Hi guys! It’s the 1st of September. Many of you have seen your kids go to school again. Some may have cried, others may have jumped in the air because now they’ll finally get some rest. I just went to work today. It’s funny, the 1st of September lost its meaning when I went to... Continue Reading →

July Favorites 2017

Hi guys! I do hope your August is going better than mine. Well, I'm talking about the weather. My August started off great. I've been co-hosting at Fiesta Friday, made some new and yummy recipes (coming up soon) and I've planned some fun trips. So yeah. My August will be great. How about yours? But... Continue Reading →

Taco Tuesday with Solo & Roeckie’s World

Hi guys! It's Taco Tuesday today at Sarah's Little Kitchen. Olé! Why I'm into Taco's all of a sudden? Keep on reading 😉 A while ago, I went to a lovely event from Unilever & Oona. They had different workshops set for us and a very inspirational speech from Trend Forecaster Kate Stockman. One of... Continue Reading →

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