Christmas Polar Bear Cookies

Hi guys!

I’m beyond excited for today’s blogpost. It’s almost Christmas and these Polar Bear Cookies are the cutest cookies I’ve ever made AND perfect for Christmas πŸ˜€ I know, you thought my Little Speculoos Men were cute but these Polar Bears take “cute” to a whole new level! I’m actually pretty proud of the result.


Would I ever come up with these Polar Bears myself? Nope. A while ago, I came across this YouTube channel: Zoes Fancy Cakes. She makes the most amazing cakes and cookies and also these Polar Bear Cookies πŸ™‚ You really have to check it out. It’s incredible what she can make. Especially the figure cakes. Unbelievable.


What we need:

  • round cookies (I used Butter Cookies)
  • balling tool
  • round cookie cutter, the same size as your cookies
  • blue marzipan or fondant
  • white fondant
  • black fondant
  • edible red or pink color dust
  • fine brush



How to:

  1. Bake your cookies and let them cool completely
  2. Cut out blue rounds of marzipan or fondant and place them on the cookies
  3. Cut out white circles and cut them in half or 3/4th with the cutter to make the bear. You can choose how big you want your Polar Bear to be
  4. Roll 2 little balls of white fondant for the ears and 3Β tiny ones for the snowflakes in the sky. If you want, you can roll 2 more tiny ones for the reflections in the Polar Bear’s eyes.
  5. Take your balling tool and gently push in the ears and where the eyes need to be. I positioned the eyes above the nose whereas Zoe placed them almost next to each other
  6. Take a fine brush and add a little color dust to the ears
  7. Roll 2 little balls of black fondant for the eyes. Place them in the holes you made
  8. For the nose, roll a little ball of black fondant and push down a bit. You can shape it a little triangular so it looks like a real bear nose

I’m in love with these cookies. I don’t think I can eat them :o!

This is Zoes video, which makes the how to a lot easier πŸ˜‰

Have a delicious day ❀
& Merry Christmas!

xxx Sarah

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