Merry Christmas: say it with Neuhaus chocolates

Hi guys!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…
9 days ’till Christmas! Can you believe it??!

I must admit I’d rather have a few extra days before Christmas because I have way too much baking ideas for waaaaaay too little time. But I guess that’s with most of us Christmas freaks & foodies…

I actually wanted to write a post about all kinds of delicious treats to give your beloved family and friends for Christmas but that’s not gonna happen. Instead, I’m writing a post that is completely dedicated to my favorite chocolate makers: Neuhaus. (sorry to all others, still love you guys)


I can’t think of any brand that is not into Christmas. Everywhere, collections turn red, white and green or covered in snowflakes, glitters, christmas trees, gingerbread men etc etc. But if there’s one thing that simply cannot miss out on Christmas, it’s chocolate! People always smile when you give them chocolates. So why don’t you give your loved ones some pretty Christmas ones from Neuhaus?

This year’s Christmas collection is a real treat for the eye. You can go for regular boxes of chocolates in a pretty wrapping or you can go for beautiful balls or a fabulous christmas tree filled with the best chocolates.


The Christmas Balls are perfect to hang in your tree 🙂 They are always per 2 and cost €16. The little pyramid you see in the picture above hides 4 delicious chocolates. It will reveil them for €5. My absolute favorite is the christmas tree! It’s not only gorgeous to look at, it contains fantastic chocolates that will make your family smile and enjoy it ’till the last second. I have put it under our Christmas tree. Because it’s so damn pretty! It looks like a gift on its own. When all our presents are opened and my family is ready for coffee, I will take the chocolates from under our tree and share them with my family. I know what you’re thinking. YES, it was hard not to touch a single chocolate from that box. But I believe a chocolate box this pretty and festive should be shared with the people you love. Isn’t that the purpose of Christmas? Sharing? Well, I gladly give €36 for a Neuhaus Christmas Tree box of chocolates in that case.

If I for some reason didn’t like chocolates (yes I really wrote that. No it would never ever happen) I would give them as a present instead of keeping it. Might be a perfect gift for your favorite grandma! I know mine would be thrilled ^^

Are you giving chocolates to someone on Christmas?

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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