Ben & Jerry’s: The story behind the delicious ice cream

Hi guys!

A while ago, I went to an event from Ben & Jerry’s in Brussels. I had my very first Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and was immediately sold. I was such a fan of the famous Cookie Dough that I made these Cookie Dough Brownies, inspired by the ice cream. Since that night, I’m 100% team Ben & Jerry’s!

BenJerry ice cream
Isn’t this the cutest ice cream cup ever?

Why I was the only person in the world who didn’t buy Ben & Jerry’s? Because, honestly, I thought it was a bit too expensive. But I must say, now that I know what they do so that we can have yummy ice cream, I don’t mind that little extra money anymore. Let me tell you why.

Ben & Jerry’s mission is to make the worlds best ice cream, in the best way possible. What’s that supposed to mean? It means they use fair trade ingredients to support local farmers. It means they recover the ice cream that falls on the ground during the production to make energy. It means they support society in all kinds of ways. To me, they truly are a company with a heart.


The event they did, a free movie night in Schaarbeek, Brussels, was also in lign with their social mission. Schaarbeek has a bit of a bad image lately. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why. But Ben & Jerry’s decided to host the event there anyway. In fact the ice cream company does lots of social activities. They joined last years Climate Justice petition in Paris and supported this years Gay Pride in Antwerp.

I’ll let Ben & Jerry’s do the talking now:

The most beautiful thing to me is their cooperation with Greyston Bakery in Brooklyn. That’s where all the brownies come from. The bakery says they don’t hire people to make brownies but they make brownies to hire people. They hire anyone who comes by for a job. No cv or background checks. Of course they have a huge waiting list but if there’s an opening, the next one on the list gets in. Doesn’t matter what his background is or what relevant working experience he has. How amazing is that! Honestly, if I lived in Brooklyn, I’d apply there. Unless there’s a job opening at The Cake Boss in Hoboken but that’s totally off topic.

Picture from Greyston bakery

So yes. I do think they ask a fair price. Many people think it’s just a fancy brand but there’s so much more than meets they eye. I’d be happy to support all those people Ben & Jerry’s support by paying 1 or 2 euro’s (or dollars) more than I’m used to. How about you?
Oh and because it’s the best ice cream ever of course! Probably because it is truly made with love 😉

What’s your opinion about them?

More information about Ben & Jerry’s:

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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