6 Awesome Halloween Recipes

Hi guys!

Tomorrow is Halloween! I can’t believe it’s here already…
I started off so well with my Spider Web Cupcakes… I actually thought I was going to be able to make lots of Halloween recipes this year! I guess I underestimated the life of a working person. No, I don’t have to work until midnight or something but I really am tired when I come home and I barely feel like baking something, let alone turn on the computer (again) and write something. Sounds silly, I know.

But you’re not here to read all this crap, right. You’re here for the 6 awesome Halloween recipes! I saw it as my duty to give you guys the Halloween you all deserve: one with lots of fun recipe ideas! Soooo I looked around and found some great Halloween recipes 🙂

Let’s get this Halloween started!

#1: Boo-licious Ghost Meringue Tarts


Booooo! Naina from Spice in the City made these awesome ghost tarts! I love them 🙂 Look at them! So cute ^^

#2: Vampire Teeth Treats


This is by far the coolest recipe I’ve ever seen for Halloween! I LOVE it! So awesome! Thank you Sarah from Life, Love and Thyme for sharing this amazing Halloween treat with us! I really hope peole are making this for Halloween because it’s just too good to ignore 😀

#3: Chocolate Spider Cookies


Spiders! Mariah from Giggles Galore is so right about these. She said it’s funny how the things that scare her in real life are her favorite things to make at Halloween. I completely agree! I’m scared of spiders too but I love these ones!

#4: Spooky Ice Cream Sandwich Bats


These Bats are adorable! They’re perfect for Halloween and I bet (or bat 😉 ) kids will love them! I know Laura from Laura’s Little House Tips will have a great Halloween with these.

#5: Vampire Mickey Pudding Cups


Love it! Isn’t this a very very cute little Halloween recipe? Carrie from Frugal Foodie Mama made this for her 2,5 year old daughter who is a little bit scared by all things Halloween.  She wanted a not-so-scary treat based on Disney that was still Halloween perfect. So sweet!

#6: Graveyard Dirt Cups


Yumm! This Halloween recipe from Gator Mummy Reviews looks so good! Love those little bones on top 🙂

I hope you guys loved these Halloween recipes! Have a great Halloween tomorrow!

p.s. I’ll try to be better prepared for Christmas…

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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