Cheeky Monkey Gastropub: My favorite place in Malta

Hi guys!

I just got back from a great holiday in Malta with the boyfriend. It was nice to change environments and just relax for a while. We visited many places, saw incredible buildings and – of course – ate lots of yummy meals. But one place will stay on my mind forever: Cheeky Monkey Gastropub. We were in Malta for 5 days and we’ve been there every single day. Can you believe it?! So yeah, Cheeky Monkey definitely is my favorite place on the island 😉

Cheeky Monkey Gastropub.jpg

What made this place so much better than the others? Definitely their whole idea and concept. Cheeky Monkey is decorated with apes, funny quotes and a funky interior. DJ’s bring great music, the people are so nice and happy hour comes around daily. What more could you wish for? Exactly: great food! I think I’ve had a fair number of burgers in my life but their House Burger was one of the best burgers ever. Such great meat with a sticky BBQ sauce. Perfect!


Beer wine water quote.jpg

We tried to go to other places. Trust me, we did. But none of them felt so cozy as Cheeky Monkey. The other restaurants in Qawra (where you can find Cheeky Monkey) feel like cafetarias. Slightly cheaper interiors, large empty spaces and almost no decorations or something to fill up the space. I’m sure they serve good food too but it just didn’t work for us. We always went back for some more Cheeky Monkey. Even if it was just to have dessert (they have amazing Banoffee Pie) after a day in another town, we went there.

Here’s a little overview of our visits to Cheeky Monkey:

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Did you notice the swing in the pictures? How cool is that!? Although there were some kids when we were there, it weren’t them who sat on the swings. It were the moms.

If you ever go to Malta yourself, do go there. You won’t regret, you’ll only want to go back 😉

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