October Favorites

Hi guys! How was Halloween? If I could, I'd skip November and most of December to go straight to Christmas! Or a couple of days before so I can buy presents 😉 I just love it so much. The lights in the streets, being together with family, making lovely desserts, giving each other presents, ...... Lees verder →


January Favorites

Hi guys! It feels as if time is going by waaaaay to fast this year. I almost can't believe it's February. My birthday (the end of March) is suddenly getting really close xD Don't worry, I know what I want to make for my birthday. I may have to take a day off to make... Lees verder →

June Favorites

Hi guys! The 1st of July... Oh boy. Before you know it, it'll be Christmas again. Time flies when you're having fun, they say. I guess I'm having loads of fun then. Once Monday morning has passed, Friday is there in no time. It's insane. In three days, a lot of you will be celebrating... Lees verder →

February Favorites 2016

Hi guys! Did you enjoy yesterday's leap day? Did you do something special or was it just another working day for you? I didn't do anything special besides choosing the February Favorites! #1: Nutella Espresso Cheesecake with Raspberry Swirl This awesome Cheesecake was made by my namesake Sarah from The Gold Lining Girl. I think... Lees verder →

October Favorites

Hi guys! Last weekend was Halloween and that means it's November already! Is it just me or is time flying by so fast lately? I have too little hours in a day (as always) and I bet I'm not the only one :p But what October did give us instead of time were some awesome... Lees verder →

6 Awesome Halloween Recipes

Hi guys! Tomorrow is Halloween! I can't believe it's here already... I started off so well with my Spider Web Cupcakes... I actually thought I was going to be able to make lots of Halloween recipes this year! I guess I underestimated the life of a working person. No, I don't have to work until... Lees verder →

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