Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Hi guys!

I had some raspberries left from my Cheesecake
So I decided to make a smoothie!
I love smoothies…

Smoothie banaan-framboos

This smoothie is a little bit bitter but I like it 🙂
I used the raspberries that I had left (a little bowl full) and two bananas.
Then I squized some oranges.
Put it all together in a blender and BLEND!


I used to make smoothies quite often but my blender is dying a little so I’m a bit afraid to use it that much…
The rubber isn’t holding the juice anymore so my smoothies kind of run all over the place when I want to lift the blender from the motor…
Yeah, it sucks because it is just so sticky 😦
This time, it didn’t spill so much so I’m guessing that if I wouldn’t lift the blender, the smoothie may actually stay inside 😀
I’ll try that next time.

Now I’m just going to enjoy my smoothie 😉

Smoothie banaan-framboos 3
p.s. I made smoothie popsicles with some of the smoothie 🙂 But that’s for another post 😉

Have a delicious day!
xxx Sarah

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