Cookbook addiction

We can never have too many cookbooks, right?
I think I may have taken that litterally…
I know I once told I have a lot of cookbooks but even I was surprised to see how many I actually have!
Some of you may have even more books ofcourse but this really is a big amount for me.
I’ve counted them: 34!
I should start a collection…


34 cookbooks, that’s not so bad…
It’s not all!
You see those little magazines on the picture? (above in the middle)
I have more than 300 of them! They’re all little cookmagazines inside another magazine, Libelle.
And I also have 10 magazines about decorating cakes and cupcakes…

I haven’t even tried 1/10 of the recipes I have! My god, I should definitely do that…
I mean, I have books to make ice cream and smoothies (two things I love!) and I’ve never even tried one recipe!
I collect cookbooks because I love the pictures and the recipes. I do want to make those recipes ofcourse but somehow I always end up making the same recipes again and again… I guess I do that because my mom and everyone else loves those sweets. And they keep requesting them.
Maybe, just maybe, I should do what I want at family parties and make new recipes instead of just making things we all know…
But these “old” recipes are so delicious!
I have an idea! I can make one “old” recipe and then two new ones? (I always make so many things, we have sweets for a week!)
Do you know this problem? I’d love to hear your ideas too 🙂
The cookbook I always use? My book from Libelle. Almost every time I make something, it’s with a recipe from this book 🙂
It was my first cookbook and I still use it (read: I almost only use this one)

What I do know, is that I made a rule for myself. NO MORE DECORATING COOKBOOKS!
There’s something called the internet
Besides, if I know the techniques (from one of these books…) I can apply them to another decoration.
I thought myself to be very clever when I came to that realization :p

Another rule I want to give myself is not to buy any cookbook during my summerjob.
I’m going to work in a bookshop… With lots and lots of cookbooks!
I love the idea of being surrounded by cookbooks but it’s not good for my budget… Or my shelf.
Maybe I’ll allow myself to buy one cookbook…
I hope I can manage to do that.

Have a delicious day!
xxx Sarah

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        1. It’s all about crème brûlée 😀 There are some really weird combinations such as crème brûlée with grapefruit and huney or with foie gras. But I would love to try the recipes in this book 🙂 Oh, maybe I could start a ‘Crème Brûlée serie’ :p


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