Press days at Maison PR

Hi guys!

Time for our next overview of the Press Days!
Today: Maison PR.

I walked in and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the new collection from Keds!
The shoes I’m about to show you are drop-dead gorgeous!


Admit it, you wouldn’t know which one to choose, would you?
Well, I still have two months to make up my mind.
I hope my All Stars will last until then because they are pretty old and worn out by now…

Let’s talk about shoes a bit longer.
Do you know the brand “Flossy“?
I didn’t until the press days.

Flossy was born on the Island of Ibiza.
Dj’s wanted a comfy, cheap shoe to wear whilst playing their tracks on the party Island.
Flossy was the result! They come in all sorts of colours, prints, materials.

At Maison PR, we got the opportunity to choose a Flossy and customize it! So much fun!!!
I went for white Flossy’s with silver sprinkles on the front and the back.


It’s true, they are super comfy!

Another fantastic brand is Caption. (Caption is a Dutch brand so it’s all in Dutch)
It’s a nailpolish but not just any nailpolish.
I think of it as a mix of regular nailpolish and gel nails.
It lasts about 3 times longer than the regular one and it becomes as strong as gel nails.
Super handy if you’re painting the walls like I did!


You have a base coat, the nailpolish and a top coat. You can immediately apply the next product after the first.
After 15 minutes, your nails are dry and ready to start doing things and don’t get damaged 🙂
I’ve painted walls, opened paint cans, scratched against the walls, washed the dishes and my nails survived! Okay, the edges on the end of my nails began to lose its shine and a bit of its colour but my regular nailpolish would be completely gone.

It was great to be there! Can’t wait ’till next time!

My last Press Days-report will be up on Sunday (there will be a LOT of food!)

Have a fashionable day ❤
xxx Sarah

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    1. Me too!
      Oh no it’s just for fun 😀
      Although I study PR so one day it’ll be my job 🙂
      But the reviews are completely for fun and because I really like the products of course 🙂


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