Place to be: Maurice

Hi guys!

A few weeks ago, I went with some friends to coffeebar Maurice in Antwerp.
You can find it in the KBC building (den Boerentoren)
I LOVE this place! It really is ‘the place to be’.
The interior reminds me of my amazing time in NYC.
You’ll agree that the coffeebar looks like some fancy NYC place 🙂



It’s a great place to work too. Large tables for groups, tables against the window, plenty of sockets, …
Maurice suits everyone 😉

They have great coffee and tea and super yummy treats if you’re a bit hungry.
Awesome thing: tea and hot chocolate are served in jars! Indeed, you’ve read it correctly!

If I lived in Antwerp, I’d probably be there every day… To work, drink, eat and blog.
What a wonderful time it would be.


Oh there is something else I need to tell you! Maurice has its own knitwear. Yes, you can buy it there 🙂

Let me tell you something more about Maurice, and especially about its unique location.
Maurice is located in the KBC building in Antwerp. Why?
KBC employers wanted a place to have a coffee in their office. And please, a fun one.
There were two real options:
1. yet another Starbucks…
2. Veronique Leysen and her Maurice coffeebar!

Of course they chose Maurice! Veronique is part of KBC start-up so it would have been such a terrible choice to choose a chain over your own creative people, right 🙂

So Maurice came to KBC Antwerp. Hooray!

The first time I went there, I asked them if Maurice was here to stay.
They told me it was temporarily until Christmas and they would see from then.
I am very very VERY happy to tell you that Maurice is still with us! (As you’d probably guessed…)

Here are two pictures from their site: a fabulous coffee and their fun and creative menu!

So, if you ever visit Antwerp… Go to Maurice!
You won’t regret, I promise!
Only thing that could go wrong is the fact that there isn’t a free seat to be found.
I told you it was the place to be!

All information about Maurice (opening hours, menu, news, …) can be found on their site.
Stop by their social media too!
Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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