The Honey Project by Dominique Persoone

Hi guys!

I had the time of my life…
No seriously, I had the best night in my life last week!
I was invited to go to Dominique Persoone and learn about his new project: The Honey Project
Plus, we’ve got a workshop on how to make Honey Chocolates by the master himself!

It was a night full of amazing things and wonderful stories.

Once upon a time…

There was Julius, Dominique’s son, who came home from school with a terrible story about how bad the honey bees were doing. Dominique, a man with a golden heart, decided he had to do something for those poor little bees.
And so he did! He joined the local bee club and became beemaster. He wanted to take it slowly but unfortunately someone from the bee club died. The man had 12 (!) beehives. Dominique could have them but he had to take them all or nothing. He took them all!
After a while, he wanted to renovate the beehives because they were getting a bit old.
His creativity flourished and this was the result:


Looks cool, doesn’t it! He figured most of the bees are girls. And a girl who flies around is a stewardess. So why not make our beehives into an airport! This is how The Chocolate Line Airport was born. (I love those little planes they added)

It’s true, about the girly bees 🙂 Most bees are girls and they have two tasks. The first 3 weeks of their lives, all they do is take care of the children. In the last 3 weeks, they fly around looking for flowers in order to be able to make honey.
What do the men do? They don’t do anything! Not until the Queen flies out, ready to be fertilized. Then, the men have to catch the Queen and fertilize her. After they’ve done the deed, they die. The men who haven’t been able to reach the Queen will be kept out by the girls and die from the cold. The men who are still inside the behive will be killed.
Now tell me: Who run the world? GIRLS!

After this incredible story it was time to make our own Honey Chocolates! But first we got to taste his homemade Honey and a very special and delicious Honey Wine his dad had made.

Honey Wine

Chocolates time!
The master showed us how it’s done and gave us tips when we were trying to get as close as possible to his example.
The recipe isn’t that difficult actually: dark chocolate to make the chocolates, honey for the filling, ganache to put on top of the honey and some more dark chocolate to close the chocolates.
I’ll give you a little overview:


I don’t have that kind of equipment at home (obviously) to make decent chocolates but I am going to find a way to ‘shake’ those chocolates in order to get all air out so the chocolates won’t show any bubbles. (see picture 2 in the gallery)

The chocolates were so so so delicious!

Dominique has his own project as I said before: The Honey Project.
You can watch the episodes on YouTube! There is a new episode every Saturday.
Warning: it’s in Dutch!
I’ll share each one on my Facebook page so make sure to check it out tomorrow!

To get you in the mood: here are the first two episodes of The Honey Project!

Hope to see you tomorrow for the next episode!

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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