Antwerp Food Truck Festival | Barrio Cantina

Hi guys!

I went to the Antwerp Food Truck Festival last Monday. It was organized by Barrio Cantina and they moved around Flanders. So if you couldn’t get enough of a couple of days, you could travel with the festival to Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp or Ostende.

I took my boyfriend and his best friend to Antwerp for this awesome event.
There were so many foodtrucks! But we had a plan: first see what kind of food there was, then buy our tickets and then… EAT! 😀

Our first stop was at the Microbar. This foodtruck brought us… *hold your breath* … insects!
Yes, that’s right! Insects.


Microbar had crickets on a stick, spring rolls with worms or a little jar filled with crickets and worms.

We went for the spring rolls with worms. Why? Because if we didn’t like the worms, we still had something to cover up the taste 😉
I must say I actually liked these wormy spring rolls. They tasted a bit like nuts. I could have eaten another one 🙂

Our next stop was at the Quesadilla’s. They had three varieties: Green, Bean and Mean. I took the Green one. That was the Quesadilla with green vegetables and cheese. My boyfriend took the Bean. It was a Quesadilla with red beans and red sauce. The Mean version was Bean with chili. I guess that’s why they called it ‘Mean’ 😉

We made one last stop because our stomachs were already beginning to get full. The boys went to a foodtruck with enormous hot dogs.


I didn’t. You know me… I had to pick something sweet! So I went to ‘Ons Lucy’ to get myself a sweet Waffle on a stick with chocolate and sprinkles! Yumm!


Let me show you the rest of the festival:

I hope you guys enjoyed it! Barrio Cantina is coming back to Antwerp in September and I’m pretty sure you’ll find me there too 😉

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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8 Thoughts

    1. Indeed, one day we’ll all be eating insects because it’s healthy and because there will be nothing else to eat (so they say).
      I really thought it would be horrible but it turned out really good 🙂 If the insects will become part of our diet, I’m ready for them 😉


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