MOJO @ D’offis

Hi guys!

A little while ago I was invited to the opening of MOJO, in Antwerp.
MOJO is going to happen every last Saturday of the month, at D’offis (Antwerp).
It’s a new initiative from soccer player Roel Van Hemert.

What is the concept?

MOJO is a unique and classy Saturday night dinner & dance concept with Belgian/French cuisine.
To keep you entertained, DJ’s will perform during and after dinner.
When we were there (yes, the boyfriend came with me) they put away the tables after dinner so there was more room to dance. I really hope they’ll keep doing so because it was quite nice.

Enough about the concept. Let’s talk interior…
It’s one of my little “secrets” but I love interiors! Always wanted to become an architect but math wasn’t really my best friend… Oh well, I love PR and I hope I can get to do the same cool things Jill from MaisonPR does.

Anyway, the interior.
What caught my eye the moment we walked in were these incredibly beautiful walls! Or pieces of wall actually.
The calm and sober white walls with these amazing mosaics! I LOVE it!
Even more awesome is the fact that they change colours. There are spots in front of them who change colors and so the mosaics change colors too. Very pretty!

10957591_10153056361903536_407129383_n 10958728_10153056365193536_1041747598_n

The bar was beautiful too. I’m sorry for my somewhat blurry picture but our camera didn’t always fully adapt to the light (or no light…)

We weren’t there just to fall in love with the interior of course! We were there to taste.
First, we got a lovely glass of prosecco with elderflower. Very sweet, very girly (the boyfriend didn’t like it that much as he’s not that into sweet drinks)

(I got my own table 😉 )
We then got a little appetizer. It was a mousse of cauliflower with crumble of sausage. I really really liked it.

After that it was time for our first course. To get the best idea of the cuisine, we got a plate with different dishes.
Tuna, ingot mould and some sort of beef I think it was. Very nice.

Our main course was very tasty too. Only dissapointment was the fact that our dishes weren’t really hot (the shrimps were cold in fact). Oh well, I can imagine it must have been a bit chaotic in the kitchen during this openings event. But I still think this shouldn’t have happened. No hard feelings, we really enjoyed our evening.

After dinner, the tables and chairs had to move outside and cocktail tables came in. Yazz, a singer from Belgium, performed during our dinner and now was the time for the DJ to shake things up a little.
We didn’t stay that long because the boyfriend had to get up early but we had a lovely evening and that’s all that matters.

Amongst the guests were a lot of personalities from Belgium (of course. What did you expect?)
It was quite clear they were more important than us (there were three other bloggers at our table) because they had bottles of water and baskets of bread on their tables. But hey, we got them too if we asked for it so no problem there. And besides, isn’t that how every event with personalities goes?

Do I recommend MOJO? YES.
It’s not that inexpensive so you might have to ‘save’ some money for it (especially being a student) but I think it’s something you have to experience. It’s fun and the location just gives you the sense of glamour.
Admit it, don’t we all want some glamour from time to time?

You can find MOJO every last Saturday of the month @D’offis
Waalse Kaai 28
2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

p.s. Don’t forget to fall in love with the mosaic!

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