Breakfast in Rotterdam at Baker & Moore

Hi guys!

Last weekend was great! On Sunday we (The Boyfriend, little doggy Max and I) went to Rotterdam for a food event by Mr.Experience. The event started at 2 p.m. so we decided to leave home early and enjoy Rotterdam a bit.

On Sunday, especially when on a little city trip, one should have a splendid breakfast. I opened Google, typed ‘breakfast in Rotterdam’ and went for the first name that came up: Baker & Moore. It sounded great, got great review and wasn’t far away. Off we went!

Baker & Moore (picture from virtual tour in Google)

We weren’t the only ones who wanted to have breakfast at Baker & Moore. The place was packed with hungry people. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to wait long for a table to become ours. Our table was located at this cosy corner with couches and pillows. Baker & Moore is super pet-friendly by the way! Max, our little Cocker Spaniël who wants to be treated as a human, wanted to sit on the couch with us and they were totally fine with it! Can you imagine the visual? The Boyfriend, me and Max having breakfast… Max was so happy on the couch. He slept, looked outside and – of course – had almost all of the meat that was included in our breakfast.

The cosy corner (picture from virtual tour in Google)

We weren’t there just to have a cuddly moment with our dog of course. We were there to have some breakfast! Baker & Moore serves several healthy breakfasts with granola, fruits and yoghurt. We went for the breakfast for 2. A plate with different kinds of bread, homemade humus, cheese, meat, jam, peanut butter with white chocolate, boiled eggs, vegetables and a fresh orange juice. The Boyfriend asked me if we could get extra bread if needed, but we didn’t had to ask at all. It was plenty of food and we had enough to survive all day 🙂 We had some tea and coffee with it so it was the perfect start of our day.


Despite the fact that it was very crowdy, it was still very cosy. I enjoyed my breakfast and didn’t have the feeling that I had to hurry when people were waiting for a table. Everything is freshly made and served by super friendly people.

Baker & Moore from the inside. (picture from visual tour in Google)

Baker & Moore also has a place upstairs for people who need a place to work. You can take a seat, use free wifi, work and enjoy some food. Perfect!

Besides breakfast and workplaces, Baker & Moore also serves fresh juices, sandwiches and salads which you can build yourself and high tea. This variety of dishes makes it the perfect breakfast & lunch spot.

Going to Rotterdam and looking for a place to have breakfast or lunch? You’ll find Baker & Moore just outside the shopping area.

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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