Lunch at Nata Lisboa in Antwerp

Hi guys!

Every once in a while a girl needs to go on a shopping trip with her best friend. So that’s exactly what I did last week 🙂 Destination: Antwerp.

Shopping is fun but it can be exhausting too aaaand you can get hungry. What do you do? You look around and see a new spot you haven’t tried yet! This time that new spot was Nata Lisboa. Located at the corner of Groenplaats and Nationalestraat, it was the perfect location for a shopping-break.

Front of Nata

Nata Antwerp outside

Nata is a Portugese lunchroom with yummy lunch, Pasteis de Nata and lots of homemade juices and lemonades. It’s interior is modern but still cosy and the personnel is super friendly! I am definitely going there again.

You can go for a light lunch with the little pastries filled with duck, tuna, vegetables or chicken. They look super small but are enough for a light lunch 🙂 You can also order a small salad to go with it.


Fancy a bigger lunch to survive those shops? Nata also has lots of salads and sandwiches which look so good!

Or do you want some Pasteis de Nata? Seriously, if you go to Nata and don’t eat or buy at least one, there’s something wrong with you. It is so delicious.

Pasteis de Nata at Nata Antwerp

Next time you visit Antwerp, make sure to stop by and have some 🙂

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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