Auberge Du Pecheur: a lovely restaurant near Ghent

Hi guys! A while ago, I went to the lovely restaurant Auberge du Pecheur near Ghent. I loved it so much I had to share it with you. The people there are very friendly and will get you anything you want. That's exactly what a restaurant of this kind should offer and they do. We... Lees verder →


Breakfast in Rotterdam at Baker & Moore

Hi guys! Last weekend was great! On Sunday we (The Boyfriend, little doggy Max and I) went to Rotterdam for a food event by Mr.Experience. The event started at 2 p.m. so we decided to leave home early and enjoy Rotterdam a bit. On Sunday, especially when on a little city trip, one should have... Lees verder →

ECOlunchbox: the must-have for your ecological lunch

Hi guys! The earth is becoming more and more important and especially the way we, humans, are taking care of it. No, we don't all have to become hippies. I know I won't. But we can do little things to save the earth. Starting with turning the lights off when you go out of course.... Lees verder →

Lunch at Nata Lisboa in Antwerp

Hi guys! Every once in a while a girl needs to go on a shopping trip with her best friend. So that's exactly what I did last week 🙂 Destination: Antwerp. Shopping is fun but it can be exhausting too aaaand you can get hungry. What do you do? You look around and see a... Lees verder →

The perfect Lunch Burger

Hi guys! I got a bit sick & tired of the salads lately... But what else do you eat with such hot weather? I say: Burgers! You don't have to run to your McDonald's or Burger King or something like that because that's no burger... You need to make one yourself with vegetables you like... Lees verder →

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