A Christmas Wishlist for Bakers

Hi guys! It's only 13 (!) days 'till Christmas! Even I'm feeling a bit stressed... People are starting to freak out about buying presents and some people may freak out about what to ask for. Buying for a baker or being a baker yourself? Stay tuned because here comes my Christmas Wishlist for Bakers! I'm... Lees verder →


Christmas Wishlist 2015

Hi guys! 2 more nights and Saint Nicholas is here. And then comes Christmas! 😀 As every one of you do I also have a little wishlist for Christmas. No, I'm not putting all the books I want on this list because I wouldn't want you to be still reading this list tomorrow morning... ;)... Lees verder →

8 must haves on your Christmas Wishlist!

Hi guys! If you know me a little, you know I'm a Christmas Freak! Really, I am! Normally, my Christmas Wishlist is all set by August... I took my team this year :p My own Christmas Wishlist contains much more than just fun baking stuff (books to read etc.) but I wanted to share a... Lees verder →

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